How Exposing Your API Creates Vulnerability Without End-to-End Data Encryption

Article notes: The critical importance of end-to-end data encryption at rest and during transit, and how you can get it: This article should discuss why ANY entity that stores consumer data, patient files, federal or state government information, or any other proprietary data needs data encryption at every level to avoid cloud hacking and stop keystrokers with nefarious intentions from breaching. Anybody can log into and connect their bank account. The receiving party really is getting a lot of trust here. Look at Equifax hack.

Your application program interface (API) is the part of your server that receives requests and sends back responses through browsers like Firefox, Chrome, or Safari. When someone enters “” into Chrome to shop, their request is viewed by Amazon’s API, which responds by displaying Amazon’s homepage content in Chrome. But, for small- to medium-sized businesses that don’t have high-power server security or an army of IT warriors looking out for their APIs 24/7/365, they’re easily exposed by hackers.

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