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* $800/month when billed monthly + $600 Onboarding Fee

With over 3.6 billion people using social media all around the world, if your brand is not on social media, it does not exist. Being part of social media has become important for any brand looking to join the online conversation. But let’s be #real here. Anyone can create a social media post. But not everyone can create a tailored, engaging post that delivers your brand message clearly. Lucky for you, that’s exactly what we do. So if you:

  • Are struggling to keep up with social media posting
  • Are you striving to have a strong social media presence
  • Want to grow your brand awareness & increase customer loyalty
  • Spend too much time on them & can’t focus on running your business

You might be wasting your time & money.

But fear not! That’s why the team at Zima Media is composed of social media experts that will create everything you need for a stellar social media campaign. Get ready for fully optimized & successful social media posting that will get everyone talking about your brand.


*Optional with additional costs

Let us be your Social Media Agency

As a social media company, we’re all about getting you results. #Real, #Amazing results that boost your brand awareness and get the conversation started. And to be honest, there’s no place we’d rather do it than in social media.

How do we do it? Through a thorough process that includes a brilliant content strategy and a clear post calendar. We will catch your followers’ eye by creating striking custom images along with compelling copy, boosting your most popular posts, and starting the conversation

What you get working with us.


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Return on Ad Spend



More Leads

What's Included?​

The short answer? Everything you need to keep your social media platforms live & engaging. We evaluate your needs and create a social media strategy that suits your business perfectly.

Content Strategy

Strike up the conversation! We start by creating a custom content strategy that aligns with your brand message, your followers’ interests & concerns, and your social media style. This includes posting compelling images, relevant quotes, infographics, branded images, blog posts, and more! 

Post Calendar

You’ll never miss out! You have the last word on everything that gets published. This is why we will provide access to a comprehensive social media calendar where you will be able to review every single post before publishing. This will help keep track of your posts, maintain consistency, and allow room for creativity.

Custom Image Creation

Stop wasting your precious time on complicated graphic design programs – we will handle all of the design processes for you. To make your brand stand out, we will design and create unique branded images that resonate with both your brand and your followers. Get ready for a social media feed that strikes a pose (or stops a thumb!)

Boosted Posts

Get noticed! Push your social media engagement by boosting your most popular posts with paid promotions. This will help you get noticed by people who are similar to your loyal followers and grow your fanbase.

Scheduled Automatic Publishing

FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) is a thing of the past with our publishing system. We’ll schedule all the approved posts to be published on the dates defined on the content calendar so you never miss out on the conversation.

Video Reporting

Get the full scoop! We’ll provide you with monthly reporting to review your social media engagement, traffic, and other relevant key metrics regarding your social media presence and published posts.

Stop throwing away money and time on social media strategies that don’t work. We’ll create a tailored social media campaign made to drive your awareness & engagement!


Over 2,469 Happy Clients

"In just under 1 year, Zima has achieved so much for us. Our Goal Completions from organic searches increased by 250%, Impressions 285% and we saw an incredible 478% increase in clicks with their guidance. Mike and Olga are fantastic to work with. Would highly recommend. They took the time to really understand our audience and ensure we were meeting and exceeding our goals."

"I've recommended Zima Media to many business owners and will continue to do so. The service they provide is fantastic. Their service offerings are similar to what I can find locally, but their fees are GREAT and fair. You know what you're going to get up front and they don't force you to commit to a 5-digit marketing budget over the span of a year. It's nice having the ability to work with them on a month to month basis, when needed."
"My fear in writing this review is that my competition might find out about Zima Media! Mike Zima has been maximizing the SEO and AdWords account spend for my companies website for the last 4 years. His knowledge and diligence have paid off for our company handsomely. Mike has deep knowledge of what Google wants to move your company “up the ladder”."

How Social Media Posting Works

These are the steps you need to follow to get started with Social Media Posting.

  • First, book a call so we can get to know more about your business and recommend the best social media strategy for you.
  • Second, sign up for our Social Media Posting subscription. It can be either monthly, quarterly, or bi-annual.
  • Third, fill out a small survey with all the information we need, share all the access needed and we get started on your onboarding process.

After that, we will:

  • Do the onboarding process for your business.
  • Do the research, analyze your website & competitors.
  • Create a custom social media strategy tailored specifically for your needs.
  • Launch your killer social media campaign.

Onboarding Process

All of our services begin with a thorough onboarding process. We will audit, optimize, and configure over 50 touchpoints for your website for better marketing insights & success, such as installing & configuring Google Analytics to track & report, creating audiences to improve targeted traffic, configuring dynamic remarketing, and setting up goals & eCommerce transactions for ROI & result visibility. This process helps us ensure everything is set to run on our end and yours so we can get to work.


Before purchasing any Social Media Posting package with us, please be sure you meet the following requirements:

  • Have an active website (eCommerce or showcase)
  • Have active social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn)

Do You Want More Sales, Leads, And Traffic?

We can make your business goals a reality. Don't just take our word for it.​

Dermacol SF Case Study


800% Increase in Sales

Happy Mango

Happy Mango

2,611% Return on Ad Spend



757% Return on Ad Spend

Frequently Asked Questions

Social media is any digital tool that allows users to create and share content with the public. It refers to any website or application designed to let people publish, share, and view content in real-time. Photos, videos, opinions, events, and other types of content are examples of what can be communicated with the rest of the Internet through social media. A few of the most popular social media websites or applications include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, and more. Any person or business can sign up for a social media account in order to share different types of content for their followers.

Social media can be a great way to engage with loyal followers, communicate your brand message, boost brand awareness, and even reach current and new customers in a cost-effective, personalized way. Added to that, social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram have 2.7 billion active monthly users and 1.16 billion active users worldwide respectively. This means you have a worldly audience to whom you can communicate your mission, products, or services.

Technically, yes. But social media content, aside from looking good and helping you reach your current followers, is a great trust signal for any business. In fact, 32% of consumers check out a brand’s social media presence before checking out their website and before deciding to make a purchase. This is in order to determine if your business is legit, aligns with their personal values, and catches their attention.

Definitely! Social media is so important that 73% of consumers have been impacted by a brand’s social media presence when making a purchase decision. It’s a cost-effective way to reach your customers, boost your brand awareness, and even increase your traffic and conversions.

You can expect an increase in traffic, better social media engagement, and an improved social media presence. With non-paid posts, you should see results within the first 90 days, and with paid boosted social media posts you should be able to see immediate results. Our social media management is mostly non-paid, and we will only boost the posts you specify depending on your marketing budget, goals, and needs. If you have any questions, feel free to book a call with us so we can explain how each service can help you boost your business!

This depends entirely on your business needs and brand voice. If you need to connect mostly with entrepreneurs, business professionals, or other companies, your best bet would be LinkedIn. If you plan on reaching a younger, more general audience, then Instagram’s visual platform is ideal for you. Or if you want to have access to the world’s 3rd most visited website, then Facebook is the place for your brand. With our social media posting package, you can get up to 2 different social media platforms, so you can pick the combination that seems best for you.

There’s no right or wrong answer here as it will depend highly on your type of business, marketing plan, and follower engagement. Most studies agree that posting once daily is the optimal quantity, with a maximum of 2 posts per day. At a minimum, you should be posting around 3 times per week to stay in the conversation. With our social media posting package, we’ll handle your minimum quantity – if you want to post daily or multiple times a day, the rest of the days would be up to your marketing team.

The answer is in the cost! A social media post refers to any unpaid social media action. For example, if you’re sharing your blog content, posting an image about a certain brand value, or even just sharing basic business information (like a new product arrival or a service you already carry), that’s a social media post and pertains to social media marketing (unpaid).

On the other hand, social media advertising refers to any paid action you take on social media. A social media ad belongs to a specific campaign (be it for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or all of the above). Ads offer a great range of analytics options where you can track engagement and define campaign goals (like clicks, leads, conversions, etc.). Posts, on the other hand, don’t have any specific campaign goal under the hood – they’re meant to be shareable, free content that engages with your followers.

A boosted post is less complicated than an ad. They are basically regular posts that you “boost” (meaning, pay money) to reach a wider audience in order to increase engagement. They help you ensure that your post gets seen by more people who are likely to engage, making it more relevant in the spur of the moment.

Boosts are more of a short-term strategy than an actual ad campaign – they’re meant to improve the brand’s social media engagement and social presence. Ads are designed as a long-term strategy to encourage leads, app installations, website visits, sales, etc.

We will need you to share any specific brand or product images that you require us to use. These can be product shots, branded content, logos, and guidelines. You will also provide the overall direction by telling us the landing pages, products, or services you want us to target, as well as providing any unique selling points & useful background information (100% organic/vegan, over 30 years experience, free shipping, buy 2 get 1 free, special discounts, etc.) With this information, we can work on building a custom tailor strategy for your business and create killer & compelling social media content that will engage with your audience.

Yes! We don’t publish anything without your approval. We will share the content plan on a monthly basis to get your comments, reviews, and final approval before scheduling to publish. 

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