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Turn Your Content Into Your Golden Goose

If you’re going to bring in a content agency, pick one that ranks on Google, not a content mill. 

Anyone can write (or use AI to generate) loads of blog posts. But not everyone can craft SEO-optimized articles that are meant for Google’s first page and satisfies readers. Elevate your online presence with compelling content that converts.

Content Writing Done Your Way

Full content strategy and management to attract your target audience.

We don’t use hidden sorcery; we show you what we do with video reporting so you’re always in the loop.

Content Writing Experts At Your Service

We have over 1416 reviews from happy clients in over 80 industries.

We don’t just follow best practices; we define them and teach them for free on Youtube.

A Winning Content Writing Strategy

Our content is research-driven and search-optimized.

We don’t have a one-size-fits-all strategy. We custom tailor it to suit your business needs.

We Keep Your Audience Engaged, Not Just Informed

We care about your future customers (so does Google) and we write awesome, SEO-optimized content to impress them both. 

Doubled Revenue in 6 Months

These guys are simply amazing. The time and effort they put into my account and making sure everything works is worth every penny. They are very professional.

- Happy Mango

Increased Sales by 800%

We’ve been using Zima Media SEO & PPC services since 2016, couldn’t be any happier with their performance. I would highly recommend!”

- Alan Singh, DermacolSF

Increased Sales x3

We are long-term customer with Zima Media and I believe they are bringing our website to the next level in a legit way. Good partner and recommended to anyone who is struggling with SEO.

- Luke Lee, Skincare Jungle

We Throw Out What Others Wish They Could Publish

By working with us you have the unfair advantage of leveraging experience from over 3459 client campaigns in vastly different domains.

High conversion and search engine rankings aren’t accidental. We use years of experience to give your readers captivating, well-researched content that not only adds value for them but also increases your conversion rates.

One (Awesome) Marketing Agency + Ongoing Management Services = Smart Marketing

Free your time, sit down and relax, while we take care of everything and report to you. Simply start where you feel most comfortable.
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We don’t just use reports. Our dashboards are so good that they are even featured on the official Looker Studio (formerly Google Data Studio) website.
We don’t keep your accounts hostage, you always own your accounts.
We don’t trap you with a contract (we offer cancel anytime subscriptions). We trust our results to keep you around.
We are not ashamed of our prices, we don’t hide them like other agencies. They are available for anyone to see on our free portal.
We are not just hard workers. We run over 5000 automations and scripts monthly; saving us (and you) dozens of hours of “manual work”.
We are not just experts. Publications like Fiverr, CNBC, and Business Insider speak about us.

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