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SEO content is one of the key elements of any SEO strategy. It’s almost impossible to get your website on the first page of Google search results if you don’t have quality and well-structured content on it. That is why content has always been and will be the king. 

SEO content strategy includes three main stages: proper keyword research, website structure, and copywriting. It means that even if your website has a sophisticated UX and UI, Google won’t rank it high until you fill it in with SEO-friendly and well-written content. 

If you want to rank high and bring value to your customers, then your business definitely needs content SEO. 

Quality content not only makes you look great in the eyes of Google but also helps you build trust and credibility. 

Good web content speaks to your customers’ pain points and provides solutions to them. Search engines consider such type of content valuable and make sure it gets more exposure. That’s why stuffing your website copy with keywords won’t work until you include them into a skillfully crafted piece of content.

What’s Included

SEO Content Keyword Optimizations | Zima Media

SEO Content Research

SEO Content Research | Zima Media

Keyword Optimizations

SEO Content Installation | Zima Media

Content Installation


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Topic and Keyword Research

Before we start working on creating content for your website, our dedicated SEO team analyzes your survey answers. We always strive to tailor content that would portray your brand’s story engagingly and efficiently. Once we’ve done that, we move to the keyword research. We identify the most relevant keywords that would draw traffic to your website. Then we define the topics, write articles/blog posts and stage them. Apart from that, we keep an eye on your competitors’ performance to ensure we’re making everything possible to help you beat them. This is why our team does its best to discover the most engaging topics for your website. Plus, we never forget to apply our creative approach to come up with eye-catching titles that really work.

Content Writing

At this stage, our team leverages its SEO expertise to write content that would turn your website visitors into customers. It means that our content will have nicely structured paragraphs and a clear message that your readers would understand. You can always be sure that we follow your writing style guidelines and adhere to your brand voice. Plus, you’re the one to make the final approval.

Content Installation, Reporting & Next Steps

Once all the required articles are ready, we start staging them and adding media assets (or give you suggestions about images if you want to include them yourself.) Then we switch to optimizing page titles and writing SEO-friendly meta descriptions for the specific articles we wrote. It’s a very critical part of SEO content writing. That’s why pay a lot of attention to it and make sure search engines love what they see on your website. Finally, you get a short video report showing what we've done and what you should expect next. Our Loom videos are usually pretty straightforward: you’ll see the article’s document, its preview, some important data, and receive suggestions on how to promote it (e.g., social media, backlinks, repurposing.) P.S. Remember, SEO isn’t an overnight process. It requires time to start seeing the results and reaping all its benefits.


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