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Google Ads (Adwords) Management Packages

Basic Package
Monthly Subscription
2 products/services
2 ad groups
6 keywords
6 ads
Weekly management


Pay Quarterly and Save 20%
Subscribe for 3 months
Standard Package
Monthly Subscription
4 products/services
4 ad groups
12 keywords
12 ads
Weekly management


Pay Quarterly and Save 20%
Subscribe for 3 months
Premium Package
Monthly Subscription
6 products/services
6 ad groups
18 keywords
18 ads
Weekly management


Pay Quarterly and Save 20%
Subscribe for 3 months

The fastest way to be more discoverable in search, increase your site traffic with quality leads and grow your business.


We build Google Ads search campaign(s) based on your business goals, whatever they are, such as increased website traffic, a higher number of quality leads and brand awareness.

Ad Group

We create ad groups in your campaign following Single Keyword Ad Group (SKAG) approach*. We have full control of your bidding and spending, implement highly relevant keywords, and create hyper-focused ads for a particular keyword.

Keywords & Negative Keywords

Keywords are what people use when they search for something in Google. We research the best keywords for your product or service in Google so your paid ads match the words or phrases that people search for.

Conversely, we also implement negative keywords in the campaign to prevent your ad from showing up in searches that are not related to your product or service. This helps reduce ad spend and ensures your ads only reach to the audiences you want seeing them.

Ads & Extensions

We create several different ads with various call to actions, headlines, descriptions and vanity urls to A/B test which ads perform better, that way you get optimal results. We also insert ad extensions such as location, phone number and additional text to include more information about your business in the ads.

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Excited to be the first to use the "Prepare Bulk SEO Page Optimizations" gig. Zima Media and his team delivered fantastic results, along with a video summary and presentation clearly spelling out the pages and keywords delivered. He also discussed the next steps in the bigger picture of improving my website SEO; he really cares about my success! this next year of working with him will unfold.


Zima Media has done an excellent job with my website. When we started back in the summer, I was gaining hardly any organic traffic at all. We have now touched over 9k users per month, and are still growing! I recommend working with Zima Media to everyone! It has been a great experience so far, and am happy to continue moving forward!


I am delighted with the work delivered by Zima Media. It's a seller with a lot of patience and skill. I am already preparing the next gig. My website is in 2 languages, French and English; I had the advantage also to have the interviews in these two languages. I recommend Zima Media deeply. Thank you again and see you soon.


I really needed help in getting my SEO off the ground for my poor, no-visitors website. The analytics, strategy and SEO implementation by Zima Media created in just one month is amazing. I am thrilled to see how this next year of working with him will unfold.


We are long-term customers with Zima Media and I believe he is bringing our website to the next level with legitimate SEO strategy. Highly recommended.


I've used so many SEO companies over the last 6 years. They all make false claims. I had concerns with this one but I don't anymore. Mike is a true expert in his field and I hope to work with him again soon. He delivers detailed reports and he actually cares about your business.

Outstanding work. A comprehensive overview of exactly what my site needs along with a ton of keywords that I can rank for to add new customers. Seller went above and beyond. I highly recommend and I will be back for more.

There is amazing service and then you have the service Zima Media provides, which is above and beyond. I truly recommend them and I will return for more services.

Very knowledgeable Seller. Thorough in their research and great at explaining it all. Saw an instant result on the site from what I was able to do with their research results. Getting ready to hire them again for another site!

Proof of Results

Skincare Jungle

Skincare Jungle is a skin care company based out of Los Angeles. They curate two luxury skincare brands: MO Clinical and Magnolia Orchid all in one convenient place for their customers.

The process with Skincare Jungle started out as just a Google Adwords campaign, and in the last 30 days they spent $171.17, received $1663.74 in sales, a conversion of 10.45% and an ROI of 871.98% (up to 6,535.92% for one ad group).

BusTravel Iceland

BusTravel Iceland is a day tour operator that runs, high quality, daily guided trips to a number of popular destinations around Iceland.

Their Google Adwords campaign has great results and in the last 30 days they spent $4,863.35, received $33,486.47 in sales and a ROI of 588.55% (up to 2,088.35%% for one ad group).