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Why Your Business Needs Google Ads

What Is Google Ads?

Google Ads is a pay-per-click (PPC) advertising platform that allows you to build and run ads for your business. It lets you reach your target audience through Google Search and Google Display Networks by placing bids.

When people click on your ad, they’ll go to your website to learn more or buy your product/service. 

Why does your business need Google Ads?

Firstly, Google Ads lets you advertise on the largest online network that has 90% of internet users. 

Secondly, you get traffic that is searching for exactly what you are offering. It means you can get more visitors, leads, and customers to your site the day you launch your ad campaign.

Thirdly, it’s a great chance to beat your competitors because they’re using Google Ads too. 

Moreover, since you pay only for clicks (PPC), and not for showing your ads, you can measure the outcome and adjust campaigns accordingly. 

You can also remarket your products or services directly to past visitors, leads, and customers.

No matter what, Google Ads always allows you to maintain full control of your campaigns. Plus, it can bring unbelievable results when combined with SEO. 

Whether you are a new or well-established business, Google Ads is the fastest way to draw more attention to your brand and grow sales. Skillfully crafted ad campaigns will help your services/products get found by those who need them the most.


What’s Included

Google Search Campaigns | Zima Media

Search Campaigns

Google Branded Campaigns | Zima Media

Branded Campaigns

Google Competitors Brand Campaigns | Zima Media

Competitors Brand Campaigns

Google Display Campaigns | Zima Media

Display Campaigns

Google Remarketing Campaigns | Zima Media

Remarketing Campaigns

Google Shopping Campaigns | Zima Media

Shopping Campaigns


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Google Ads Account review, Keyword Research & Ads Setup

Before we start creating Google Ads campaigns for your company, we thoroughly audit your current Google Ads account and review precious historical data. Then we conduct comprehensive keyword research for your particular industry, location and competition to have a full understanding of your business so we can build a perfect ad campaign for you.

Once we have all the vital information, our dedicated Google Ads team starts using data analysis and various creative techniques to craft quality and cost-efficient ad campaigns. 

Then we configure your ad account for success. We research the best keywords for your product or service on Google, so your paid ads match the words or phrases that people search for. We also implement negative keywords in the campaign to prevent your ad from showing up in unrelated searches. It helps reduce ad spend and ensures your ads only reach the audiences you want seeing them.

Our team also takes care of the entire PPC strategy to ensure the most effective positioning of your services or products. We pay attention to all the key elements of a profitable ad campaign: keywords, negative keywords, ads, ad extensions, and settings.

At Zima Media, we make sure to set up and run ads that would reach the most of your desired audience and deliver the best cost per click (CPC) value.

Ongoing optimization of the campaign, ad groups, and ads

After we set up all ad campaigns, we keep on monitoring and optimizing them. It means that we try targeting new keywords and audiences to compare results. We create ad groups in your campaign following the Single Keyword Ad Group (SKAG) approach. We have full control of your bidding and spending, implement highly relevant keywords, and build hyper-focused ads for a particular keyword. We also create several different ads with various calls to actions (CTAs), headlines, descriptions, and vanity URLs to A/B test which ads perform better. That way, you get the most optimal results. We also insert ad extensions such as location, phone number, and additional text to show more information about your business in the ads. During this step, we can see what types of ads are working the best for you, and improve the strategy.

Reporting & Next Steps

With our Google Ads Management service, you’re always aware of what’s going on thanks to the insightful weekly reports showing you the actions we’ve taken. Our team strives to deliver top results and even exceed your expectations. We carefully monitor the performance of your ad campaigns, trying to optimize ROI at all stages of the process. In the end, you receive a full video report of the ad campaign results and further suggestions on how to keep growing your business.

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