Do you want to improve your corporate image and strengthen brand reputation? We can help you implement an effective outreach strategy.

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What is Outreach & Why you need it

Simply put, outreach is media coverage on other websites. It helps you create buzz around your brand and make it more credible in the eyes of Google and your customers.

You can keep your Google Ads and SEO game strong, but PageRank is still a part of the Google Algorithm. So, why should you care about it so much? Although PageRank was discontinued by Google, it affects your link quality and tracks how much websites talk about each other. The more third-party websites mention your brand, the more Google will love your site. You can also consider those mentions as vouching for your product or service.

You might have the most skillfully crafted content, but without authority, it can hardly bring any value.

Even though Black Hat SEO might claim so, there are no magic spells to make your content ultra discoverable and ensure it gets coverage out of nowhere. So, it’s time to take action.

Influencer marketing services let you boost customer acquisition and retention by building strong relationships. If you want your brand to generate authority and attention, it needs to be sticky and relevant to a broad audience, yet useful to your target market.

Once quality sources start mentioning your website, you’re on a proven way to skyrocket your brand awareness campaign and receive a higher click-through rate.


What’s Included

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SEO Text Optimizations & Content Writing | Zima Media

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Outreach Strategy & Set-up

Firstly, we ensure we’re able to meet your expectations and align our outreach strategy with your business goals. We start by setting up a branded mention campaign. It means that we can now track mentions of your brand on the Web, Twitter, Instagram, and Forums.

Story Pitching

Once we have everything set up, we move to pitch your best content to publications with a high domain authority (DA) rating. While you’re taking care of other important aspects of your business, we craft outreach emails and make sure other websites choose to share your content because of its value.

P.S. If you also want us to create high-quality content that deserves media coverage, check out our Content Writing Services.


At the end of each month, you’ll get a transparent link building video report. We believe that you can only scale your business if you can track what you’re doing. So, with us, you are always aware of our actions and their outcome.


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