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SEO Management Packages

Basic Package
Monthly Subscription - Cancel Anytime
Search Engine configuration, audit & monitoring
Up to 10 Keyword Optimizations
SEO Text Optimizations (Up to 500 Words)
Up to 2 Revisions Per Blog
1 SEO Backlink (DA 20+)
1 Call (15 minutes)


Pay Quarterly and Save 20%
Subscribe & Pay Quarterly
Standard Package
Monthly Subscription - Cancel Anytime
Search Engine configuration, audit & monitoring
Up to 20 Keyword Optimizations
SEO Text Optimizations (Up to 1500 Words)
Up to 2 Revisions Per Blog
2 SEO Backlink (DA 30+)
1 Call (15 minutes)


Pay Quarterly and Save 20%
Subscribe & Pay Quarterly
Premium Package
Monthly Subscription - Cancel Anytime
Search Engine configuration, audit & monitoring
Up to 30 Keyword Optimizations
SEO Text Optimizations (Up to 3000 Words)
Up to 2 Revisions Per Blog
2 SEO Backlink (DA 40+)
1 Call (30 minutes)


Pay Quarterly and Save 20%
Subscribe & Pay Quarterly

Improve your visibility in search engines and get more organic (non paid) traffic to your site.

Search Engine configuration, audit & monitoring

SEO and online marketing efforts are futile if your website is not properly set up for search engines. We prepare a detailed audit examining the current state of SEO on your website. Once we discover the SEO-related issues with your website in the audit, we identify and fix select issues* that are the most important in ensuring your site is properly configured for search engines. No longer will your marketing efforts go to waste!

As part of the ongoing subscription service, we continue to monitor 150 different elements of your website to maintain and improve upon your website ranking.

*Please note that fixing every issue listed in the audit is not in the scope of this service.

Page optimizations

We research, write, optimize and install important SEO elements on to your web pages (i.e. keywords for page titles, H1 header tags and meta descriptions), which sets your pages up to appear higher in search results. Choosing focused, relevant keywords for your brand is an important part of this step because if Google recognizes you as an expert in a certain topic, they are more likely to rank you in search for it.

Content creation (on-page)

In addition to optimizing the pages and website content you currently have, we also offer new, relevant content for your website in the form of blog posts (for standard and premium packages). This SEO-proofed content is meant to improve engagement with your audience, attract new traffic and readers to your site and help further improve your ranking in search engines.

Backlink building (off-page)

Backlinks are one of the top five ranking factors for Google. High Domain Authority (DA) websites (trusted websites with high levels of traffic) that link back to your site can increase the position of your content in search results. We will publish 750+ word SEO-proofed article(s) on one of our hand-picked professional blog networks (no PBNs, no rogue posting, no junk) on a high domain authority website (DA 30+) linking back to your site.

SEO reporting

Once we’ve done the work on your website, after 30 days of optimization, new content and backlinks we record a unique video reporting on the evolution of your position in search engines, your keyword ranking, the number of backlinks and increased website traffic.

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Excited to be the first to use the "Prepare Bulk SEO Page Optimizations" gig. Zima Media and his team delivered fantastic results, along with a video summary and presentation clearly spelling out the pages and keywords delivered. He also discussed the next steps in the bigger picture of improving my website SEO; he really cares about my success! this next year of working with him will unfold.


Zima Media has done an excellent job with my website. When we started back in the summer, I was gaining hardly any organic traffic at all. We have now touched over 9k users per month, and are still growing! I recommend working with Zima Media to everyone! It has been a great experience so far, and am happy to continue moving forward!


I am delighted with the work delivered by Zima Media. It's a seller with a lot of patience and skill. I am already preparing the next gig. My website is in 2 languages, French and English; I had the advantage also to have the interviews in these two languages. I recommend Zima Media deeply. Thank you again and see you soon.


I really needed help in getting my SEO off the ground for my poor, no-visitors website. The analytics, strategy and SEO implementation by Zima Media created in just one month is amazing. I am thrilled to see how this next year of working with him will unfold.


We are long-term customers with Zima Media and I believe he is bringing our website to the next level with legitimate SEO strategy. Highly recommended.


I've used so many SEO companies over the last 6 years. They all make false claims. I had concerns with this one but I don't anymore. Mike is a true expert in his field and I hope to work with him again soon. He delivers detailed reports and he actually cares about your business.

Outstanding work. A comprehensive overview of exactly what my site needs along with a ton of keywords that I can rank for to add new customers. Seller went above and beyond. I highly recommend and I will be back for more.

There is amazing service and then you have the service Zima Media provides, which is above and beyond. I truly recommend them and I will return for more services.

Very knowledgeable Seller. Thorough in their research and great at explaining it all. Saw an instant result on the site from what I was able to do with their research results. Getting ready to hire them again for another site!

Proof of Results

Adam Kemp Fitness

Adam is a professional basketball player with a passion for all things health and fitness related. He created a business around fitness, nutrition and lifestyle and decided to start using Zima Media’s services a year ago.

Before getting help with implementing better SEO strategies, Adam’s business website, website was receiving 1,185 users a month. Since then, the website has reached 64,449 as of May 2018, a 3,137% change from the previous year in organic sessions.

Face2Face Africa is a media company based in New York. The company’s online portal reports on pan-African news and current affairs covering topics such as politics, entertainment, culture, women, and lifestyle.

Their website had 35,408 users last year and now has 168,264 users, a 375,21% increase since last year.