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How do you make your business stand out among the competition?

Try searching for “best yoga studio in NYC” on Google, and you will most likely find an overwhelming number of results:

Every studio has great reviews and customer stories.

They are all offering the same services.

They all talk about how amazing they are and the value you get from them.

It’s simple. You need to do better than all those businesses.

So how do you accomplish that with the help of digital marketing?
  1. Track and collect your own 1st party customer data and accumulate knowledge about each customer activity, regardless of whether it happens online on the website or offline and in CRMs.
  2. Plug your CRM and contact forms into Google and Facebook and tell them which leads are good so that the algorithm can provide you with better leads instead of low-quality ones.
  3. Use your own data (and not just poor-quality Facebook cookies) to remarket your customers on Google, Youtube, Instagram, and other platforms 24/7. Even with a few dollars a day, it can have a great impact because customers don’t usually place an order the very first time they land on your site.
  4. Set up automation, rules, and scripts in your ad campaigns to prevent wasted ad spend on irrelevant searches, out-of-stock products, underperforming keywords, and many more.
  5. Be aware of when long-term customers stop buying from you and reach out to re engage them.
  6. Know which marketing channels are bringing new sales and where you should invest more.

We are pretty confident that your business (or your current agency) hasn’t implemented these tactics into your strategy and that’s how Zima Media really offers next-level marketing services and can help you thrive.

If you continue following the same basic marketing strategy and using outdated tools, you will not see better results, and your competitors will already be way ahead of the game. So, it’s time to stop paying more and more for bad leads. Instead, prevent your business from suffering now by doing something new and different.

If you do average marketing then you get average results.

Obviously I am biased, but do challenge us during a call.

I rest my case.

Mike Zima

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