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Do you want your services or products to reach your desired audience and draw more attention to your brand? We can make your business goals a reality.

Advertising Services

Zima Media is a dedicated digital marketing agency that helps ecommerce businesses grow their brands and boost sales. We provide our clients with custom-made and data-driven marketing solutions to reach the highest results.

When it comes to paid media, we’ve got tons of satisfied ecommerce store owners who can back us up. Why? Because we rock at building and running successful ad campaigns.

Our advertising services include creating ads for such platforms like Google Search, Google Display Network, Facebook, Linkedin, and Instagram. Whatever your marketing goals are, our team will leverage the latest search engine marketing practices and data to reach them.

Google Ads Management​

From: $720/month

Affordable Ads Services | Zima Media
Google Ads Management | Logo | Zima Media

LinkedIn Ads Management

From: $720/month

Affordable Ads Services | Zima Media
LinkedIn Ads Management | Logo | Zima Media

Facebook Ads Management

From: $720/month

Affordable Ads Services | Zima Media
Facebook Ads Management | Logo | Zima Media

Google Analytics Setup


Website Tracking Setup | Zima Media


With years of experience in SEO and building successful advertising campaigns, we know what it takes to win in today’s market place. That’s why our services combine strategic thinking and creative approach to help your ecommerce store grow efficiently.

If you need someone who knows how to make SEO work for your online business, you’re in the right place. Our team has excessive knowledge of SEO and will make sure to get your website seen by search engines. 

Our SEO strategy includes thorough keyword research, on-site optimizations, and link building. We incorporate the best tactics to ensure you rank higher than your competitors and draw more qualified clicks to your online store.

SEO Management

From: $900/month

Affordable SEO Management | Zima Media

Influencer Marketing

From: $450/month

Brand Building & External Outreach | Zima Media

social media SERVICES

Managing social media can be challenging and time-consuming. That’s why our team is ready to take care of your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn business accounts. 

We know how vital it is to build a robust online community and engage with followers to boost your brand awareness. Before we do that, we always make sure to analyze your competitors’ social media behavior and build an effective strategy to draw more attention to your brand. 

We do it all: create social media posts, schedule them, engage with your audience, track performance, and provide you with an open report of our activities. With us, you can run your business knowing that your social media presence is in the hands of professionals. 

Social Media Management

From: $540/month

Content Marketing SERVICES

If you want to influence your customers’ purchasing decisions, your content should express your brand voice and answer your clients’ questions. Luckily, our marketing team knows how to turn readers into your customers.  

We will take care of writing quality and SEO-friendly content that would bring value to your customers. You will be amazed at how many leads good storytelling can bring to your online business. Thankfully, we’re pros at creating branded content that attracts readers’ attention. 

No matter the industry, content marketing is one of the proven ways to generate leads and interact with your prospects. Once we’ve finished creating niche content for your website, you’re free to start working on its media exposure. Or you can use our PR services, and we’ll pitch your branded articles to various media channels and ensure they get seen. 

SEO Content Writing

From: $1080/month

Affordable SEO Content Writing | Zima Media


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A La Carte Services

Every single service that we provide is straightforward, with no hidden fees along the way. All prices are transparent, so you only pay monthly (or quarterly) for what you see in our packages.

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Simple as that: just like any other subscription, you can cancel our services anytime.

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No Calls

We value your time as much as ours, so we save it by reducing calls as much as possible and giving you easy access to our services. All you need to do is just click “Buy” and share some information with us. Then we start working on boosting your business straight away.

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Certified Professionals

Being an official Google Partner, our team always stays on top of trends to execute the most efficient marketing strategies for your online business. 

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Transparent Reporting

With us, you can always expect transparent reports at the end of each month. We provide you with a short video overview of what we’ve done, showing you all the dashboards and analytics.


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