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Zima Media Google Analytics Audit

"My process is Auditing Google Analytics, Implementing Google Tag Manager, and Visualizing everything inside of Google Data Studio."

AUDITING — Pick 1 Package From This Gig

30-50 page deep dive analysis of your website. We establish the scope of work, reviews any blockage in your tracking, and ensures you have clean data before starting implementation. Tracking recommendations incorporated with every audit with up to 20 recommendations.

Zima Media Google Analytics Services

Take Control of Measurement

Have a Google Analytics Certified expert review and handle your data. Never worry about staring at your analytics and stress about learning another tool.

Discover Key Facts

Eliminate the guessing out of not knowing if you’re tracking correctly. The fundamental flaw in every tracking strategy is not having Google Analytics setup. Sleep with ease knowing each customer is tracked from start-to-finish, always up and year round.

Think Like an Expert

Audits designed with you in mind. Quickly pick-up any section of the audit to review your site and understand critical observations. You will know exactly how to track like a Data-Scientist without breaking a sweat.


Google Analytics Implementation Service

"This is the second step in your journey of having perfect Google Analytics tracking."

IMPLEMENTATION — Pick 1 Package From This Gig

If we're just starting out tracking, we have to make sure it is installed and tracking. Once we've verified installation, we can proceed to advanced setup tracking in your Google Analytics. These are the most important needle movers that are sent to your Google Analytics. This step happens after we've fixed your Google Analytics. I'll help you choose what the next package is going to be.

Zima Media Google Tag Manager Packages

Google Tag Manager

We're going to need to make sure Google Tag Manager is placed on your website. This is how we can do advanced tracking and configuration strategy that I reveal during the auditing. This is the preliminary step before we can go ahead and track your business goals. (I know, I'm excited about visualizing your business too.)

Track Needle Movers

Every business knows what these are and I help you understand the often overlooked conversions on your website. When this plan is defined, we put it all together, and I implement it for you. Now, you're going to track single clicks, buttons, and form submissions on your website like a pro!

Make Empowered Decisions

The outcome of installation is to start tracking data inside of your Google Analytics. Google Analytics does not know your website, and it takes an expert like me to get it acquainted. We're going to start collecting data and prepare to visualize it in your dashboard next!


Google Data Studio Service

Zima Media Google Data Studio Gig

"Visualizing your online business is the most rewarding accomplishment and the last step."

VISUALIZATION — Pick 1 Package From This Gig

All the hard work has finally paid off! We can visualize your data with a FREE tool from Google called, Google Data Studio. I put the most relevant information to your business and setup to tell the story of your online business. This final step is the most rewarding because you can finally see what your business is doing at a glance. Pick from one of my packages to visualize your website.

Zima Media Google Data Studio Templates on Fiverr

Google Data Studio

Everything is visualized from your Google Analytics inside of Data Studio. This is going to be the go-to place where you see your analytics at a glance and finally, the meaningful numbers that drive your business.

See Your Business At Last

We waste countless hours a week trying to report on business questions that have simple answers. Finally, with my 3 step process, you will see your business through the eyes of Google Analytics like never before.

Save Time & Money With Facts Backed By Data

The biggest error with measurement is: setting it up wrong. Have a professional not only confirm it's setup correctly but install the most important tracking that measures the movement of the needle. Time and time again, I see tracking that's not working or just plain wrong. FAKE data can be expensive and cost more in the long run.



“Such a great report from Mike. I've tried others here on Fiverr and they just gave me a cookie cutter review. Mike took the time to really listen to my request. The report has good quality and clear next steps for me to do on my own. Thanks Mike - You're awesome. Dan”

By Danielfromnz ★★★★★

“Awesome communication and set up my Analytics perfectly, walked me through the process and has taught me how to use everything myself. A great experience, looking forward to working together further!”

By Pelotoncafe ★★★★★

“zimamedia's explanation of what was needed was thorough, made sense, and hit on every point I needed him to. I recommend if you're looking for some with analytics, you hire zimamedia.”

By pboomer ★★★★★

“Zima Media is my "Go To" Guy" for all things Google Analytics!”

By whoisbryanclark ★★★★★

“Interesting Evaluation... Well Worth the Gig for sure. He Reviews a report of the site, and gives you a perspective of what is in the mind of a Google Analytics pro. I got several good ideas, and he pointed out things that were always there, but, I didn't see the value in them.. Well worth the Gig.”

By mcthomas ★★★★★

“I was very impressed with the speed in which ZimaMedia initially contacted me. In addition, there work was thorough and informative.”

By sunnyside123 ★★★★★

“I'm by far not a computer whiz. I have searched for help from a few and Zima is by far the best. He went above and beyond to help me with different issues that I was not aware of. Doesn't matter what you spend, it's worth every. He is a huge help! Thank you Z.”

By kingmade ★★★★★

“I generally get a bit lost and avoid Analytics, hence why I ordered this gig. I requested a video showing me simple but useful things I could use as a blogger, and I am very,very impressed! My video showed me exactly what I asked for, and more. Will definitely use again when I want to learn more.”

By averageman ★★★★★

“I was hesitant, but I got exactly what I wanted. I will be working with him again.”

By webnonsense ★★★★★

“We noticed spam coming in on our analytics... So we searched for support and found that Zimamedia has an analytics digest for dummies and also a brief on what to do with spammers... We were so happy with the report, it gave us feedback and itemized a few other issues we didn't know of. @zimamedia, thank you so much! We will be coming back for more!”

By marekatfiver ★★★★★

“Hire Zima for all your google analytics audit. Quality work and knowledge. He certainly knows his stuff. I highly recommend his work. 10 out of 10.”

By georgebutler ★★★★★

“Great gig and the seller is truly knowledgeable and experienced. I will order more services.”

By cynthiaharris85 ★★★★★

“Worth every penny! Stop looking around for professionals and hire Zima today! You won't regret it! (I have no affiliation, just great experiences over and over :))”

By rahelbc ★★★★★

“Zima has given me insight that Google themselves couldn't give me. Fantastic work, looking forward to continuing to work with him”

By stephentreacy ★★★★★

“Excellent work. Very please with the work. Delivered before due date with action plan to fix our issue. Highly recommended.”

By znwent ★★★★★

“Very knowledgeable. A highly recommended gig for all business owners and managers to get an overview of what Google Analytics can do if setup properly.”

By roland123 ★★★★★

“This is an absolutely awesome gig. I definitely recommend and will probably be back for a further video after I have worked through this one. It is incredibly clear and well laid out. Questions answered and it really is one of the most professional gigs I've had on fiverr. Highly recommended! 10* A+”

By goviralnow1 ★★★★★


What Do You I Get?

Measurement Summary

Each Google Analytics Audit has a handcrafted summary covering fundamental discoveries and callouts.

Hundreds of Metrics

Charts, Tables, and Visualizations Featuring Monthly, Quarterly or Yearly comparison evaluating trends.

Spam Filter Guide

Remove annoying spam that’s inflating traffic and ruining calculated metrics.

Action Plan

The critical steps needed to enhance the tracking experience on your website needs to address quickly, and low hanging fruit.

Tracking Blueprint

Defining what is being measured when going into step 2.

Foundation in Google Analytics

It's my goal not to intimidate you with all the techno-jargon and empower you with simple to understand answers in PLAIN ENGLISH.

Tracking Promise

This is the jumping off point for your website's tracking strategy. The process is simple beginning with a very lean audit to establish the scope of what’s needed to complete your tracking solution. Every website is different, and the strategy is almost always customized to fit your needs and business challenges. There’s a tracking plan that meets every site big or small to take control of your Google Analytics. Welcome to your new Google Analytics Department.