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For us, it’s all about smart marketing. We have a great array of services to fit every business’s marketing needs: from Google Ads and SEO management to social media and content writing. Basically, we do it all! Check out our different services and pick the one (or ones!) that suit your marketing needs.

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Zima Media's Digital Marketing Services

The Zima Media service that has it all. If you want to push your Shopify store to the limit, then this package was made for you. Don’t worry about anything: we’ll do the heavy lifting for you. That way you can focus on what’s really important: your store.

Power your Shopify stores with a 360º marketing strategy, including Google & Facebook Ads management, SEO management, content writing, social media management, & more!

Did you know that 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine? And added to that, over 57% of B2B marketers stated that SEO generates more leads than any other marketing initiative. It’s also one of the best organic strategies to build trust, domain authority, and improve your website’s ranking.

Point is, you need SEO in your life. Our SEO Management is the perfect tool to help your website go up in organic search results. 

72% of online marketers describe content marketing as their most effective SEO tactic. This is backed up by the fact that 47% of consumers view 3-5 pieces of content created by a company before making a purchase. So, in our opinion, everyone needs SEO-optimized content.

SEO Content Writing is important for search engine results, brand positioning, sales, trust & authority. Get content that actually converts with our SEO Content Writing.

With over 90% of Internet users, Google is the largest online network. It’s also potential traffic that’s already searching exactly for what you are selling. Advertising on Google Ads can result in more visitors, leads, sales, and customers. 

We’re certified Google Partners, so our expert Google Ads (PPC) service is just what you need to launch or optimize your Google Ads campaigns. Just sit back and watch the magic happen while we work.

Did you know that Facebook is the world’s 3rd most visited website? Added to that, over 92% of social marketers use Facebook for advertising. So why miss out on all the fun? Build tailored campaigns & reach customers that fit your product or service perfectly. Or retarget those who have visited your site but didn’t convert (yet)! 

Facebook is the perfect tool to get more sales, traffic, and conversions. Which is why we do it for you.

Looking to connect with business professionals? Then there’s no better place than LinkedIn. In case you didn’t know, a LinkedIn ad can reach 13% of the world’s population over the age of thirteen who are entrepreneurs, executives, tycoons, and more. This makes it the best tool to connect with other professionals that may be interested in your services.

Discover how you can take your business to a new level with our LinkedIn Ads service.

Over 3.6 billion people use social media all around the world. And that number is expected to increase to 4.41 billion in the next 5 years. FOMO is real – and it’s the reason why being a part of the online conversation is important for any brand. 

So if you’re looking for something extra to add to your social media exposure, then our Social Media Posting might be exactly what you need. 

There are 300 million Amazon active users, with 197 million visiting the website each month. Amazon is a great place to advertise because users who browse the platform are already there to purchase! This makes Amazon Ads a no-brainer for any e-commerce businesses.

Find out how you can boost your brand through expert Amazon Ads.

Inspiration is key for any business. And with 478 million monthly active users (98% of which are trying something they found there), Pinterest seems like an obvious choice. A smooth, visual platform allows for a seamless brand awareness, discovery, and shopping experience.

Stop interrupting & start inspiring with Pinterest Ads today.

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Dermacol SF Case Study


800% Increase in Sales

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Happy Mango

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How It Works

These are the steps you need to follow to get started with any of Zima Media’s Digital Marketing Services.

  • First, book a call so we can get to know more about your business and recommend the best advertising strategy for you.
  • Second, choose the service that best fits your business needs.
  • Third, sign up for that service’s subscription. It can be either monthly, quarterly, or bi-annual.
  • Fourth, fill out a small survey with all the information we need, share all the access needed and we get started on your onboarding process.

Our Process

All our services begin with a thorough onboarding process (if you purchased the quarterly or bi-annual subscriptions, there is no onboarding fee). We set up all the necessary items for growth and success, like website analytics, advanced remarketing audiences, and goal tracking for better marketing insights. Once we’ve made sure everything is ready to run on our end and yours, we get to work.

After that, your dedicated account manager will send monthly video reporting with the key actions, results, and next steps. For most services, you will also receive a monthly strategy call to ensure everything is running according to plan. 

Frequently Asked Questions

It depends on the package you purchase, but the short answer is yes. We are a data-driven company, and we strive for excellence in everything we do and in the results we deliver. Some services, like non-paid campaigns and organic traffic take more time than others, and a few have some budget requirements that need to be met. But yes, all of our services are focused on increasing your business results, be it traffic, sales, or brand awareness. 

We do the heavy lifting for you. We build the best strategy based on the service you purchased in order to deliver optimal results. All of our services include a thorough onboarding process, research and optimization procedures, biweekly and monthly video reports, email support, a monthly call, and your own account manager. 

This depends greatly on every client and each particular service. For services like ads management, sometimes only a month or less is needed to see immediate results. Other times, a 3 month period is required for consistent growth. For certain services (such as SEO Management), you will start seeing results in the first 90 days and will have extreme improvements during the first year. If you have any questions, feel free to book a call with us so we can explain how each service can help you boost your business!

Yes and no. if you have an in-house marketing team or a separate firm working on any other marketing service, we can organize our work around what they are also doing. There are certain services where this will be easier, like an externally managed social media content or blog, and certain services where we don’t recommend mixing our work with a separate team (like SEO and Ads campaigns). Be sure to book a call with us to discuss this and see how we can best help your business.

Live results are always available in your Google Analytics account, Ad Accounts & more. We also provide monthly video reporting for every service with the key actions, results, and next steps. Some services also include a monthly strategy call to ensure everything is running according to plan.

You decide! This depends solely on the length of time you are subscribed for. Most projects start at quarterly time frames minimum, but this can be extended for bi-annual or annual subscriptions. We’ve had clients with ongoing projects for years who keep on growing! We recommend doing a marketing campaign for at least 3 months in order to see full potential.

Again, this  depends on the specific service you are planning on purchasing. Our prices vary depending on the type of service you want, the specific package you purchase, and whether they include an onboarding fee or not. For more information on costs, you can review them in each service’s specific page.

We already do! Our quarterly subscriptions give you 10% off the monthly price, which means huge savings for you in the long-term.

It depends on the service and the industry. We like to stay ahead of the trends and use the best possible tools for each unique service and clients. We are also both Google and Shopify Partners, which means we use tools like Google Analytics, Google Search Console, SEMRush, Ahrefs, Buffer, and many others!

We’ve worked with over +30 different industries, including beauty & skincare, fashion & lifestyle, construction & manufacturing, entertainment, professional services, and more!. If you want to make sure your industry is one we can work with, please book a call and we can discuss it!

For refunds, it depends on your type of subscription.  For monthly subscriptions, you can get a refund during the first 3 days of renewal, and for bi-annual subscriptions during the first 10 days. As for cancellations, we work without any type of lock-in contracts, which means you can cancel at any time. We work until the subscription renewal date to wrap things up. But this can always be discussed beforehand.

The difference is in the name itself. Organic results are absolutely free, non-paid conversions or results on your website (meaning traffic, clicks, sales, ranking, etc). Our SEO management, social media management, and SEO Content Writing services are created to bring in organic results. Paid results are those that you pay for each click, visit, or conversion, which encompasses Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Here, we manage your paid campaigns to bring in high quality traffic that can drive conversions to your site.

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