Do you want to leverage data to know the results and ROI of your marketing? We’ll help you get the most out of powerful web analytics tools.


Why does your business Need WEBSITE TRACKING?

Website tracking lets you see who visits your website, how they found it, and what their interests are. That’s why setting up web analytics tools properly plays a crucial role in boosting your online business. 

Why is it so important? It’s insurance for your insurance to measure all marketing efforts. If you set up your Google Analytics today, then in 3-12 months, you will be able to remarket to all the visitors to your website. Consider website tracking as future-proofing your business to take advantage of your data. Data is the new oil, and most companies don’t realize they have an oil well right in their backyard (aka, business/website).

 We have worked with hundreds of clients, and none of them had their Google Analytics 100% accurate.

That’s why you need our extensive expertise to check whether you haven’t missed anything while setting up web analytics tools for your Shopify or WordPress store. 

If you don’t have tracking set up by a professional, save your ad budget because it will be a waste. Google needs conversion tracking to work correctly, so don’t lose the opportunity to contact your leads before your competitors do.

Google Analytics also lets you explore the content your prospects find the most engaging so that you can use these insights in your favor. 



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Review of Analytics Setup

Firstly, we check your site, audit all the "touchpoints" and add them as goals for your business. We ensure your tracking code is installed properly by reviewing your existing analytics. We also check whether your data is being tracked correctly. Then we make sure web analytics set up will contribute to reaching your business goals.

Advanced Google Analytics Setup

We’ll set up Google Analytics, link Google Ads, and add tracking codes from Google, Facebook (Facebook Pixel), MailChimp everywhere where we do marketing. Then we’ll enable Google signals and set up multi-device tracking. In order for you to have an in-depth picture of your website performance, we’ll also set up other web analytics tools like form submission tracking, email tracking, and a CTA button tracking. They will help you better understand how to increase conversions.


After we install all the vital web analytics tools, you’ll receive a video report explaining what actions we took and how you can further leverage website tracking data. We always report on real results and data, so you can have a 360 view of your marketing activities and be sure your money isn’t going to waste.


Website Tracking Setup


  • Google Analytics & Google Ads Linking (Full Marketing Funnel)
  • Google Signals, Multi-Device Tracking
  • Form Submission Tracking
  • CallRails Phone Tracking (requires additional monthly fees)
  • Email Tracking
  • 1 Call-To-Action Button Tracking
  • * Some elements (chat, forms) required to be compatible with Google Analytics.
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