New Google Analytics Interface Tutorial on iPhone

There's a new app to add that every pocket marketing warriors needs. Google Analytics is now mobile and it provides a pulse on your business all a tap away. If you're trying to learn Google Analytics it's broken down to a very simple and digestible layout. The interface is not fully complete when compared to the desktop version, but it's A LOT friendlier compared to the desktop version. This is the one app that I obsess over and it's worth checking it out yourself. Watch the quick video that demonstrate the user interface.


Google Analytics iPhone Acquisitions

The mobile Acquisition tab does only 2 dozen metrics and cards you can swipe through. It goes give a nice high level overview of your traffic stats and the performance of what's going on by day, month, and custom date range. The date filter is the most prevalent banner on the top of the app.

Real time

Google Analytics iPhone Real time

The mobile Real time tab has very barebones stats. It's not the same real time session tracker with new visitors enter your site by pageviews. This tab is still important and contains the usual devices, pages, locations and events that are happening. Notice how there's the share button, this means every single card can be shared through the app to: Slack, hangouts, gmail, etc.

Audience Sidebar

Google Analytics iPhone Audience Sidebar

The mobile Audience tab follow the same flow as the rest of the UI. It has all the basic stats you see in the desktop version and frankly, I wish I could turn some of them off. A lot of these are still over the head of most end users. I would put that feature on my personal wishlist.

Acquisitions Sidebar

Google Analytics iPhone Acquisitions Sidebar

The mobile Acquisitions tab is probably the most important. I don't know why Google doesn't put it first, ACquisition is before AUdience. This has all the vital stats combined in the overview tab and breaks off into the traffic channels our websites succeed by. There's some customization with segment, but the UI is too basic for an end user to know how to manage them. I'll cover that in a later video.

Behavior Sidebar

Google Analytics iPhone Behavior Sidebar

The mobile Behavior tab is probably the second most important tab inside this app. Landing and exit pages are great, but events are truly where I do all my analysis and understand the REAL measurement that's happening on the website.


Google Analytics iPhone Goals

The mobile Goals tab is very barebones. It has a couple of cards that can be swiped and the selected numbers can bet toggled between 34 or 11.30% as in the example.


Google Analytics iPhone Ecommerce

The mobile Ecommerce tab contains all the revenue rich information most business owners are craving to have by the minute. This tab alone is what makes Google Analytics for iPhone a killer app.