Learn The New Google Analytics Interface

Surprise! We have a new Google Analytics “Home” tab, that closely follows what we saw last year with the launch of Google Assistant-type analytics recommendations for iPhone.

The good news is this is bringing a lot of IMPORTANT utility to the average user and making it friendlier to learn Google Analytics.

Learn Google Analytics Home Cards

The home metric encourages real-time and historical data analysis.

Big numbers, easy to follow layouts, and the easy to find drop-down menu to change date range in the lower left corner. This is almost an elegant primer to what the entire scope of Google Analytics will look like in its next release.

Follow the trend lines backwards and forwards to see comparison of user behavior.

If you’re looking at baseline metrics to follow, users FIRST, sessions, bounce rate and the entire session duration are all the need-to-know metrics that should be tracked. The over-time comparisons metrics will tell you, if you’re up or down (green or red), for the period you’ve select in the bottom drop down-down menu.

The time periods are rounded and easy to follow. Go as far back as comparing your Google Analytics Home to your data from last year.

How do you acquire users?

Google Analytics home is showing off some of its Data Studio muscle by flexing powerful stacked bar charts.

Hover over to see the different stacked traffic channels, source / medium, and referral sources for your website during the designated time period.

These user interface changes are starting to warm my heart and really really appeal to me visually. There’s even tabs on the lower right to see the report inside of Google Analytics.

Presenting the actual application of analytics inside these visualization, that answer business questions, and chain the relationship to the source reports are going to bring up more questions. Raising the curiosity bar of Google Analytics is happening before our eyes!

Active Users & Retention

Time trends and retention are complex concepts being introduced to everyone — not just data people.

See which time of week users are visiting your site and how many weeks after their first session they’re sticking around.

Cohort reports have always been in the “beta” feature inside of Google Analytics and now they’re putting it front-and-center as one of the crown jewel cards. These types of reports are invaluable to businesses that might not see conversions until weeks later.

Users, Demographics & Devices

Knowing your users is like knowing your friends. You need to have some sort of perception to their wants, needs and desires to please them. This report is going to show you the time, day, location and device users are using to come to your website.

When do your users visit, from where, and which devices?

This is ultimately the defecto limit of most users understanding of Google Analytics. It’s darker tones, the descending percentages of countries and top devices in order. Consuming Google Analytics data has never been easier!

Pages & Adwords Report

Finally, the last cards in Google Analytics Home are the pages report which contains the pages, pageviews, and the value (which is intrinsic in this case) — along with my Adwords performance.

See which pages are performing and how your campaign is producing.

These cards are pretty disappointing, but to be fair to Google, they’re probably testing the cards showing revenue and income on more elaborate setups of Google Analytics. This particular account is branding and lead-generation oriented.

Google Analytics Home (App Store?)

There’s finally a Discover tab, which is a self-serving resource all things Google Analytics.

This comes as a massive surprise. All the tools, resources, and pieces (all things analytics) have finally been centralized inside of your account. Learn about all the extensions, tools and resources to eventually become a Google Analytics pro.

In closing, it seems the new Google Analytics interface is heading towards the iPhone version. They’re purposefully ignoring the several hundred metrics and dimensions to show the numbers that users care about. Cleaner designs, higher polished metrics, and maybe very soon, Google Analytics Assistant is coming to the desktop version.

We’re going to see an increase in Google Analytics adoption. Look out for the release of Google Analytics Home & Discover coming to a console near you!

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