How To Fix Google Data Studio System, Authorization & Configuration Errors

Google Data Studio Dashboard Error

For weeks, I have been battling the Google Data Studio Error. I am going to explain the problem and provide the solution. If you are reading this, you are not alone, and you can go back to business as usual. This issue has most commonly occurred with Google Analytics, and it also affects my AdWords reports.

The Google Data Studio community has been documenting an issue that breaks your metrics and dimensions in your report. The first time I encountered the error, I would just remove and reconnect the connector, which is usually Google Analytics. This method failed, and a colleague encounters the only solution is to have direct access to the Admin account that owns the connector.

Ways To Diagnose The Connector Bug

  1. "System Error" followed by a broken card with numbers and letters.
  2. "Authorization Error" followed by a dashboard that looks like a disaster more cipher numerals.
  3. "Configuration Incomplete—Invalid Dimensions, Metrics or Filter selected.
  4. Inside the metrics & dimension fields, you will see "invalid, " and the only metric or dimension you can choose is "invalid."
  5. Removing the data set defaults (name of data set) and the broken cards persist.

How To Fix The Google Data Studio Bug

The solution is not having admin access to the connector or account associated with the correct permissions. It requires doing a hard reset of Google Data Studio.

  1. Go into My Account
  2. Click "Connected Apps & Sites."
  3. Hover over "Apps connected to your account" and click "Manage Apps."

Search for and remove the following.

Remove Google Analytics

  1. Google Analytics
  2. Google Analytics Demos & Tools
  3. Google Data Studio

Now that you have cleared Google Data Studio permissions this reset is ready to reconnect to Google Analytics.

The second part requires going into Google Drive and removing Google Data Studio permissions. Inside of Google Drive settings choose "Manage Apps, " and you are going to disconnect it from your account.

Now, the next time you log in, all you have to do is authenticate Google Analytics again and Google Drive. The cards will come back, and you are in business!