How Does Fiverr Pro Deliver Affordable SEO & PPC Services at 90% Off?

The search for the perfect small business seo company

Many organisations today have to hire third party agencies to help with the digital side of their business due to time, money, and/or internal constraints. But the problem is it can be time consuming to find the right person or entity that will be a good fit for your business.

So, you dedicate hours of research and end up deciding on a fancy website that on paper seems to fit your business well. But when you want to enquire more, you’re stuck with a pricing page that just says ‘contact us’ with no price listed.

That said, it’s important that there be time taken to discuss your business issues and needs, but with traditional agencies what winds up happening is traditional, you pay thousands of dollars to be locked in a contract with one “partner” for at least six months before knowing if their services are a good fit for your business.

New Age Business that Benefits You

At Zima Media, we knew there had to be better options. In the 21st century, we’re ushering in the new way of doing business. With the platform economy, the globalization of competition and the power of new technologies, Zima Media was born to offer cutting edge and disruptive solutions to modern day business needs.

Decentralized Office

We are a 100 percent decentralized company operating remotely. We draw from a talented team around the world which means our clients don’t pay typical costs that come with an old-school agency, such as office bills. Therefore, you get high-end services at unbeatable prices (See our offer).

Fiverr Platform

We operate on the freelance platform Fiverr, which offers security for both buyers and sellers. You get to see our entire Fiverr Pro offer right away with all of our prices and deliverables listed for each of our services. As a bonus, you can access the hundreds of reviews we have generated from over 1,300 orders covering 30 industries.

Certified Professionals

Zima Media was among the first sellers to be labelled Top Rated and Pro Sellers ever on the Fiverr platform. We were exclusively selected for our quality services and frictionless customer experience. We also have been featured on the Fiverr blog, CNBC and Business Insiders because we are continually reinventing the way business is done.

Leading with Data

We are data people. Every decision we make for your company is informed and backed up by insightful information. When it comes to your money, we don’t guess, we know. Our services will provide you with accurate and measurable business solutions.

90 Percent Off is the Deal

You can order services through us or any other Fiverr freelancer at a rate that’s up to 90 percent cheaper that what you would otherwise pay with a traditional agency.

Here is what we offer:

SEO Agency

This is our best selling service, bundled with dozens of goodies for you. We perform an SEO audit reviewing the technical details of your website like security, speed, structure, settings and indexation parameters to search engines. We also provide you with up-to-date SEO keywords, meta descriptions, content quality checks, off-site elements (like competitor’s gap), and more. With Zima Media you get all possible optimizations and available actions to improve SEO for your website.

We don’t just tell you what’s wrong, we actually go in and fix it. For your first order, we take care of the 10 most important SEO pages on your site.

Bonus: No binding contracts. If you are happy with our work you are free to stay with us.

SEO Content Studio

Technical SEO is important to be discovered online, but content is still king. We offer SEO proofed content. We perform advanced research on your industry, business environment, competition, keywords and trends to deliver a solid SEO “power page” that will serve as the backbone of your content strategy.

Anyone can do content, but not everyone can deliver content that grow your audience and increase conversions.

SEO Outreach Agent

If you want visitors to find you online and for search engines to rank you well, you will need high trusted domains, publications, and blogs to contain links referring back to your website. This is called backlinks. Backlinks are one of the most important factors in successful SEO and we have experience doing intensive outreach to authoritative domains so your website gets mentioned on them.

More SEO

In need of other SEO services? We can help optimize your meta description so Google knows exactly what content is on your pages and send the right people to you. We can also help you find the right keywords that have low competition but are highly searched, establish a content calendar so you publish regularly, and fix your search console so all the SEO work would have not been for nothing.

Adwords Agency

While organic strategies will already help your SEO, PPC (basically paid SEO) is becoming more and more important in the rankings of search engines. Google Adwords is still the leader in the domain and we can help you create a dual organic + paid SEO strategy that works. We manage campaigns, research keywords, build ads, target the right audiences, remarket to prospects and create power content pages that convert.

Google Analytics Suite

Growing the online side of your business needs to be actively planned, measured and used for improvements. We use the Google Analytics Suite as our tool for everything. Google Tag Manager records events on your website and customer actions in relation to your custom set goals. Google Analytics gives you a better understanding of who is coming to your website and how they interact with your brand. Finally, Google Data Studio gives you dashboards that offer real-time reporting and input to make improvements.

We hope this blog will help you realize how to drastically cut your business costs and make the transition to a decentralized workflow.

If you have questions or concerns, reach out to us.


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