Swedish Dental is one of our great clients from Sweden. Our mission was to help them do better than their competitors on Google.

So we took Swedish Dental from a site that had little traction on Local SEO to a powerhouse covering a large share of voice for searches for both English & Swedish.

Services Purchased:

Campaign Breakdown

  • Took a local business in the competitive capital of Sweden, Stockholm into a leading result on Google for the dentist and dental services
  • Lead the creation of an integrated campaign in both English & Swedish with the aid of a translator
  • Deployed the best practices and guidelines which are a must for every single local business on Google


Swedish Dental started working with us in November 2018. Firstly, we conducted a full website audit to review the company’s current state. Then we started our on-site SEO optimizations focusing on the main navigation pages.

From there, we kept on optimizing the entirety of the website and made sure to include Swedish translations everywhere. It let us focus on local and international SEO combined. 

Apart from that, we also launched a content and backlink building strategy for the client’s blog writing a high-quality SEO-optimized article per month. We have written nine articles so far and translated them into Swedish with the help of a translator. 

We are currently shifting the focus of our content strategy to start optimizing the content of the website’s pages. It will help us get more valuable traffic directly to Swedish Dental sales pages. Also, we continue to monitor and re-optimize the site for many relevant local keywords. 

Key Results

Here’s what improvements Swedish Dental saw in just 3 months:

SEO Leads






Also, SEMRush showed a 77% increase in ranking keywords in Sweden.

Swedish Dental Organic Growth | SEO Case Study | Zima Media

Zima Media has professional team that offers great service. I would recommend them to everyone.

Arash Simyar

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