Skin Care Jungle


Skin Care Jungle is a US-based e-commerce store that sells a wide range of high-quality skincare products. To be precise, they’re one of the official distributors of Magnolia Orchid & MO Clinical brands.

Trying to navigate a very competitive skincare industry, the company struggled to grow its online store and maintain a positive ROI.

They came to Zima Media to help them get more conversions and, as a result, grow sales. So we set out on a mission to make it happen.


As with any ecommerce business that turns to us for help, firstly, we had to make sure Skin Care Jungle had a proper conversion tracking set up to report the correct data and have a clear overview of all their marketing efforts.

Secondly, we implemented the most critical SEO optimizations and followed the best practices to nurture successful SEO campaigns on Google and improve the Skin Care Jungle website’s rankings in search results.

Then we moved to improve the company’s content strategy and launched a fully-optimized Google Ads campaign. 




Increase in ROAS


Increase in Sales

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Website & Search Engine Optimization

First, Zima Media made sure to implement proper WooCommerce ecommerce tracking on Skin Care Jungle’s website to keep an eye on the whole process and have access to accurate data. 

Then, with the help of our skilled SEO department, we selected the best selling products and optimized their product pages. Those were also the items we then promoted in Google Shopping ads. 

After that, we continued optimizing the rest of the Skin Care Jungle website pages to help them get more organic traffic and improve their Google rankings. 

Google Ads Management

While we were conducting SEO monitoring, our ads team worked on creating fully-optimized Google Ads campaigns for Skin Care Jungle to help them boost the online sales of Magnolia Orchid and M.O. Clinical skincare products. 

We reviewed the existing campaigns, stopped the low-performing assets, and pushed the best-performing ones. Then Zima Media team conducted new keyword research and created separate ad campaigns to target generic and branded keywords to have better control over Skin Care Jungle’s advertising spend. 

And once all of the main product pages were optimized, we launched a well-thought-through Google Shopping campaign to help the company increase its revenue. In eight months, Skin Care Jungle saw incredible results. They tripled the number of conversions and increased their ROAS by 804%.

We are long-term customer with Zima Media and I believe they are bringing our website to next level with a legit way. Good partner and recommended to anyone who is struggling with SEO.


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