Industry: Supplements

Country: UK

Platform: Shopify

Services purchased: Monthly SEO Management (for 6 months)

The SARMs Store Case Study

SARMs Store is one of our UK clients whose supplement website store is within a new niche. We managed to take it from zero to top 3 rankings for dozens of keywords.

Our mission was also to help them launch a new supplement category exclusive to Europe.

Campaign Breakdown

  • Followed the Google best practices & guidelines for Shopify stores.
  • Built a complete overview of the marketplace as this was an emerging supplement niche.
  • Targeted focused research to optimize, pages, products, and content.

Key Results

Just in 3 months, SARMs Store got an incredible increase in SEO Leads and Impressions

SEO Leads



SARMs Store also noticed a drastic growth, according to SEMRush

Keywords (UK)

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