Reformed Film Lab Case Study

How we revolutionized their SEO and Google Advertising strategies in a few months.


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About Reformed Film Lab

Reformed Film Lab specializes in analog film services like 35mm and 120 film development, along with image scanning and printing. They cater to a growing community of film photographers across the USA, providing mail-in services and selling a variety of film photography gear through their e-commerce platform.

The Challenge

Reformed Film Lab had a strong base of customers using their film-developing services but aimed to expand their e-commerce side, selling analog film, cameras, and accessories. Initial efforts were focused solely on film developing, with no marketing strategies for their product sales. They faced several challenges:

  • Only one search campaign targeting film developing services.
  • Absence of shopping campaigns and dynamic remarketing.
  • Incorrect Google Ads tracking and Analytics configuration, leading to inaccurate data.

Key Problems:

  • Growth: Needed to attract more photographers for e-commerce products.
  • Local Ads Confusion: Needed to manage local ads to avoid out-of-area confusion.
  • Data Accuracy: Required correct Google Ads tracking and Analytics for clear marketing insights.

The Strategy

To overcome the challenges, we implemented a multi-faceted approach:

  • Setup and Accuracy: Ensured proper conversion tracking and configured the Merchant Center.
  • Campaign Optimization: Launched a Smart Shopping campaign to promote e-commerce products.
  • Data Clarity: Fixed referral exclusion lists for accurate purchase attribution.

Our Approach:

  • Conversion Tracking: Made sure all tracking was correctly set up for clear visibility.
  • E-commerce Expansion: Introduced shopping campaigns to boost product visibility and sales.
  • Local vs. National: Tailored ads to differentiate between local in-store customers and national online shoppers.

The Results

The strategies we implemented yielded significant results as the store and Google Ads revenue grew exponentially while we saw a significant rise in both new and recurring customers. Specifically:

  • Google Ads Performance: Revenue increased by 1,268.39% within a year, and transactions from Google Ads grew by 725.51%.
  • Store Growth: Overall store revenue soared by 296.71% in the first year, with a noticeable uptick in new and recurring customers.
  • Organic Growth: SEO improvements led to a rise from 851 to 4,061 monthly users from organic search and transactions increased from 146 to 1,026 per month.

We’ve been working with Zima Media group for over a year and it’s been truly a pleasure. They’ve grown both our SEO and Google Ads account with fantastic results and we plan on continuing our professional relationship with them. They take so much off my plate as a business owner and I’m glad we found them. I can’t recommend them enough!



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