Happy Mango


Happy Mango is an eco-friendly baby boutique that believes going green is stylish and affordable. They offer a variety of high-quality, sustainable brand products for babies and moms-to-be.  

Happy Mango had already established itself as a trustworthy local business, so the company decided to expand its reach and generate more revenue online. They came to us to help increase sales on their Shopify store. 

Zima Media’s mission was to improve the performance of Happy Mango’s Google Ads campaigns, find areas for growth, and also make their website more visible in Google search results.


Even though Happy Mango offered a great variety of products, its online store wasn’t perfect and didn’t generate enough online sales to justify the marketing efforts and expenses. 

So, we decided to review Happy Mango’s advertising and SEO strategies, identify the weaknesses and apply the best practices to bring more relevant paid and organic traffic to their website. We also consulted the Happy Mango team on the website structure, best design practices, and proper tracking of their sales.

We started with optimizing Happy Mango’s Google Search ads, and then we expanded to Google Shopping. Finally, our team developed an integrated sales strategy for Happy Mango using both PPC & SEO campaigns. The results turned out to be stunning.




Increase in ROAS


Increase in Revenue


Increase in Sales



Increase in Revenue


Increase in Traffic

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These guys are simply amazing. The time and effort they put into my account and making sure everything works is worth every penny. They are very professional and I am on my 8th month of using them and i have no plans on stopping.


Google Ads Management

When we started working with Happy Mango, our first goal was to review, nurture, and boost their existing Google Search ad campaigns’ performance.  

After pausing the least performing keywords and ads, we conducted thorough keyword research. It let us split the keywords with the biggest search volume into branded and generic campaigns for more efficiency and better cost control. 

We decided to focus more on products with a high margin and stop targeting high-quality sales with a low margin. This is how we ended up targeting high-end cribs and strollers from in-demand brands like UPPAbaby, Nuna, and a few more luxury brands.  

We also created and added dozens of new ads with up to 19% click-through rate and up to 10/10 quality score.

Then we moved to create different Google Shopping campaigns, which Happy Mango hasn’t yet explored. Firstly, we helped them set up and optimize their products to be eligible for shopping campaigns. Then Zima Media ads team implemented a tiered shopping campaign structure split on the SKU level. It helped us maintain greater cost control and gain more granular data on product performance. 

As a result, after we took over Happy Mango’s Google Ads management process for about 11 months, the company quadrupled its online sales and increased its return on advertising spend (ROAS) by 2,611%.

Website & Search Engine Optimization

First, Zima Media made sure to implement proper Shopify ecommerce tracking to keep an eye on the whole process and have access to correct data. 

Then, with the help of our skilled SEO department, we selected the top ten selling products and optimized their product pages. Those were also the items we pushed in our newly created Google Shopping ads. 

After that, we continued optimizing all of the most important pages on the Happy Mango website to help them get more organic traffic and improve their Google rankings. 

We also provided Happy Mango with some useful and practical tips on improving their website speed, what plugins are better to integrate on their Shopify store, how to approach conversion optimization, and other common issues their online business might face.

As a result, Happy Mango doubled its ranking keywords in just six months and brought more organic traffic to its online store.

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