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Gelpro Australia resulted from two Aussie brothers based in Sydney who needed good quality gelatin and searched the world for the absolute best. Now, the company is most popular for its premium-grade gelatin and collagen protein supplements.

Gelpro’s main goal was (and still is) to protect their primary collagen protein supplements, bring back these forgotten superfoods, and try to overcome three of their main competitors both in Australia and the USA.

The company came to Zima Media to help them create a unified strategy to boost sales across various advertising channels as well as increase the organic search ratings. Yet, our biggest challenge was to resist the Covid-19 pandemic and help Gelpro grow regardless. Read on to discover how we managed to overcome this hurdle.


Gelpro Australia is a well-known brand with a solid base of devoted customers, mainly fitness enthusiasts, crossfitters, and healthy lifestyle followers. Knowing this, the Zima Media team got ready to help Gelpro Australia increase its revenue and expand its customer base locally and in the US.

We started with the website SEO optimizations, Shopify configurations and followed by applying our proven method to focus on the 20% most essential elements that can get 80% of the overall results. Then we restructured and relaunched advertising campaigns across various channels as well as created trendy content and social media plans.

And finally, thanks to our all-in-one SEO, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Social Media strategy, Gelpro Australia boosted sales and became more prominent in the supplement industry.




Increase in Revenue


Increase in Sales



ROI from Google Ads


ROI from Facebook Ads


Increase in Traffic from SEO

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Website & Search Engine Optimization

Before implementing the all-in-one marketing strategy, the Zima Media team had to ensure Gelpro Australia’s Shopify store is configured properly and nothing is preventing proper data collection for measuring results and making optimizations. We also checked whether all the tracking was set up correctly and whether any technical issues could slow down marketing campaigns.

We started with optimizing their Google Search Console and verifying the website on Bing & Yahoo (just in case.) Our team thoroughly monitored the Gelpro website’s performance and provided the client with a detailed overview of the issues that needed to be fixed immediately to improve the results.

Thanks to the in-depth website audit, SEO optimizations, and full Shopify setup, we made sure everything was ready for continuous growth. This helped Gelpro Australia boost organic traffic for the non-branded keywords and catch up with their biggest competitors.

Trendy Content Creation

We started working on a content marketing strategy that would bring more free traffic to Gelpro’s blog. Since the brand’s audience varies from crossfitters, runners, cyclists, weight lifters, stay-at-home mums, and middle-aged women, our team had to find the topics that would be informational for all the potential customers.

Based on data, we decided to focus our articles on collagen. Zima Media created blog posts about its muscle-building abilities, beauty benefits for the skin, hair, and nails, and how it affects joint health. It lets us provide useful information to most of Gelpro’s target audience, attract more traffic to the website, and promote Gelpro Australia’s top-selling collagen products.

Ads Management

Gelpro Australia has had active Google and Facebook ad campaigns for a while, yet their return on advertising spend (ROAS) was pretty low. Our ads team took control over Gelpro’s advertising campaigns at the beginning of the pandemic and managed to help the company make paid advertising its top revenue channel.

Since Gelpro Australia is a pretty well-known brand, we made sure to separate branded and non-branded searches into different campaigns to understand better what products drive more sales. Then our team set up and pushed shopping campaigns at full speed as the demand showed great potential and, as a result, they started bringing most of the conversions.

We’ve been using Zima Media SEO & PPC services since 2016, couldn’t be any happier with their performance. I would highly recommend!


Cleaning up and reorganizing the company’s ad account structure gave us a chance to experiment with various audiences and demographic groups as well as launch successful remarketing campaigns to past website visitors. We have also helped Gelpro Australia overcome the challenges related to the strict advertising regulations in the supplement industry.

In just 30 days, Gelpro Australia doubled its revenue from Google Ads, and in 9 months, the company increased its return on investment (ROI) by 757.94%. And thanks to the optimized Facebook Ad campaigns, Gelpro Australia boosted its ROI by another 757.94% in 9 months.

Social Media Management

When the Zima Media team took over Gelpro’s Facebook and Instagram accounts, they already had a big and engaged audience. So, we set on a mission to introduce new post formats, make the posting schedule more consistent and increase the number of followers.

Once Gelpro Australia’s Instagram account overcame the threshold of 10,000 followers, we focused on driving sales and website traffic with the help of Instagram and Facebook Stories.

As a result, the company got a chance to take full advantage of their social media channels and engage with their potential customers even more.

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