DermacolSF needed help growing their business. They’re one of the approved US distributors of Dermacol – a Czech cruelty-free skincare and makeup brand.

The company had a pretty complex task – enter the US market and win over Amazon that was already taking the lion’s share of advertising space. Since many products sold on Amazon under this brand name were fake, they started working on solving the trademark issue and improving their SEO simultaneously.

DermacolSF’s ultimate goal was to grow their sales by improving their Google search results and bringing both paid and free traffic to their website. DermacolSF thought they needed to make branded keywords their number one priority. But would it have been enough to reach the desired results?

Dermacol SF Case Study


With such a strong brand and product, we were confident that the Zima Media agency could provide the growth DermacolSF was striving to achieve. While their products were flawless, the marketing efforts needed a complete revamp.

We started with the website SEO optimizations and followed with the improvement in content development. Then we created a detailed targeting plan to maximize advertising spend efficiency. And finally, we increased the average order value with the help of a strategic and unique content marketing approach.




Increase in Revenue


Increase in Sales


Increase in Traffic



Increase in Sales


Increase in Traffic

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Website & Search Engine Optimization

The first step to improving the DermacolSF brand was to implement website enhancements. With our proven and tested website growth methods in-mind, we boosted the website traffic by 970%.

Zima Media accomplished this by having our SEO experts re-write page titles and meta descriptions as well as optimize the site layout and navigation. Then we worked on detailed product descriptions for three of DermacolSF’s top-selling products to promote them in the upcoming blog posts.

Our team has also provided DermacolSF with some valuable optimization tips, such as adding social proof on the website and using landing pages. This is how they stepped on a path of success and prospects started recognizing their brand out of the vast sea of competitors.

Unique Content Creation

We started looking for highly-searched topics that were underestimated and not very competitive, but could still impact customers and bring them real value.  This is how DermacolSF would appear higher in search and get stable free organic traffic. Topics like acne are way too competitive to try & rank for. That’s why we decided to use a unique angle and write a full guide on “Drag Queen Makeup 101.” Our marketing experts researched competition, market, and studied the best content out there. We then crafted a plan to write better content, bringing more information and value to the readers.

With a mixture of testimonials, product reviews, and customer feedback, our content writers created hyper-relevant content that would convince DermacolSF’s target audience to buy their products. Since influencers have already helped the brand get into this hot “drag queen” topic, it was a clear sign we should go for it and see how the brand scales it. The “Drag Queen Makeup 101” pillar article was published on April 25th, 2019.

In just 4 months, it was ranking for 275 keywords and became the second most visited DermacolSF’s page globally, which was 12% of Dermacol’s overall traffic.

In 12 months, the article was ranking for swooping 3.3K keywords and bringing 20K annual visitors. 

As a result, our guide skyrocketed in search and helped DermacolSF’s online store increase the click-through rate on non-branded keywords.

Google Ads Management

DermacolSF already had active search, shopping, and remarketing display campaigns, yet they struggled to compete on par with Amazon and Our task was to optimize these ad campaigns to bring them better ROAS and increase sales.

Zima Media’s Google Ads experts completely restructured DermacolSF’s ad campaigns to push the current best-performing products to a new level. We created separate campaigns for branded and non-branded keywords to better manage and optimize its Google Ads account.

Also, we added affinity & in-market audiences split by brand and generic keywords. It let us conduct more A/B tests and experiment with assets like ads, demographics, and audience interests. 

We’ve been using Zima Media SEO & PPC services since 2016, couldn’t be any happier with their performance. I would highly recommend!


DermacolSF gained more control over branded dermacol keywords and their bids. We then divided the shopping campaign between high margin products and frequently purchased items with lower margins, which brought an +800% increase in sales and +350% in website traffic in six months.

Our team also created more targeted ads and added “amazon” keywords to compete directly with Amazon and capture its traffic by bringing Amazon shoppers to the DermacolSF website.

The last steps were to create a remarketing campaign that would target all past website visitors who didn’t purchase anything or abandoned their shopping cart.

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