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CBD Wellness Centre is a US-based e-commerce store that specializes in CBD products.

They reached out to us to help them develop a strong content strategy as well as build outreach and linking campaign. The company also asked us to optimize its site for SEO since advertising is not yet an option for CBD products.

Services Purchased:

Campaign Breakdown


We started working together with CBD Wellness Centre at the beginning of February 2019. Back then, the company had a brand-new website and barely any traffic or branding. So, we set out on a mission to change that.

Firstly, we set up the site for SEO and verified Google Search Console to keep track of what’s working or not. We also started to optimize the site’s main navigation pages and collections. When those were finished, we switched to products. Currently, we have already optimized more than 80% of the site. 

Besides on-site optimizations, we kept on acquiring some high-quality backlinks leading back to the client’s website every month. And as a result, the site’s domain authority has risen from 0 to 17 in 6 months.

In June 2019, we decided to work on a pillar page for the client. We have written over 3000 words for the CBD 101 page on the client’s site. In only one month, the page started getting double the traffic and we intend to expand it further to create the Ultimate Guide to CBD and its benefits.

As for now, we continue to optimize the client’s product and collection pages. At the same time, we also try to focus more on backlink building and content creation while optimizing the pillar page and its user experience.


Key Results

In 6 months, CBD Wellness Centre got an incredible increase in SEO Leads and Impressions.

CBD Wellness Centre also noticed a drastic growth, according to SEMRush.

Always keep you in the loop and do their best and have great results! Highly recommend!

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