Industry: Travel, Tours & Accommodations

Country: Iceland

Platform: Custom

Services purchased: Monthly SEO & Google Ads Management (for 3 months)

The BusTravel Iceland Case Study

BusTravel Iceland is a day tour operator that runs, high quality, daily guided trips to a number of popular destinations around Iceland.

We were on a mission to help them run a successful Google Ads campaign and gain more revenue.

Campaign Breakdown

  • Applied Google best practices to nurture campaigns on Google.
  • Developed an integrated sales strategy using both PPC & SEO campaigns.

We are impressed. It´s moving in the right direction.

BusTravel Iceland

Key Results

Their Google Adwords campaign had great results. In only 30 days, they received a ROI of 588.55% (up to 2,088.35% for one ad group).

Ads Leads



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