BusTravel Iceland is a day tour operator that runs, high quality, daily guided trips to a number of popular destinations around Iceland.

We were on a mission to help them run a successful Google Ads campaign and gain more revenue.

Campaign Breakdown

  • Applied Google best practices to nurture campaigns on Google
  • Developed an integrated sales strategy using both PPC & SEO campaigns


Firstly, we audited the company’s account and used historical data to create a brand new strategy.

We started with creating two campaign groups: one for high-profit services like unique tours and another one for lower profit but high sales services like shuttles. 

Then we developed a specific structure, managing to maintain traffic and sales for low-profit services while pushing high-profit services.

So, we tried to reuse what was working and built many new ads to experiment and increase results.

We also cleaned the account and reduced spending in areas that weren’t making any money — for example, some ad groups and several poor settings. It helped BusTravel Iceland save money and push the budget for the top services.

After restructuring the company’s account, saving money, experimenting with new creatives, and pushing high margin services, as we expected, the results were very satisfying.

Key Results

Their Google Adwords campaign had great results. In only 30 days, they received a ROI of 588.55% (up to 2,088.35% for one ad group)

BusTravel Iceland Conversions | Google Ads Case Study | Zima Media

We are impressed. It´s moving in the right direction.

BusTravel Iceland

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