Big Truck Hoods Case Study

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About Big Truck Hoods

Big Truck Hoods is a leading supplier of heavy truck parts, specializing in front-end collision parts for all makes and most models of semi-trucks. They aim to simplify the buying process and provide the best customer service in the industry.

The Challenge

Big Truck Hoods faced several challenges in optimizing their online presence and increasing sales:

  • Complex buying process for truck parts that needed simplification.
  • Increasing competition from other truck parts suppliers.
  • Limited online visibility in the target market.

Their primary goals were to increase revenue, improve their Return on Ad Spend (ROAS), and boost conversions.

The Strategy

To overcome these challenges, we implemented a comprehensive strategy focusing on SEO and Google Ads:

SEO Enhancements:

  • Conducted keyword research and optimized on-page content for all collection pages.
  • Wrote short, engaging descriptions for top collections.
  • Updated titles and meta descriptions for collections and best-selling products.

Google Ads Improvements:

  • Improved conversion tracking and set up advanced tracking with Google Tag Manager.
  • Launched Performance Max campaigns and enabled dynamic remarketing.
  • Grouped products by manufacturer to enhance ad relevancy and quality score.

General Optimizations:

  • Conducted a competitor analysis to identify strengths and weaknesses.
  • Suggested improvements to the landing page for a better user experience.
  • Ensured all audiences were shared between Google Analytics and Google Ads.

The Results

Our efforts led to significant improvements for Big Truck Hoods. 

Just in the last year, revenue from Google Ads increased by 41.81%, contributing to an overall revenue increase of 24.96% from all marketing channels. We achieved a remarkable 406.99% increase in ROAS, along with 71 additional sales. 

On the SEO front, we saw a 38.61% increase in revenue from organic search and a 66.22% rise in sales. The average position on Google improved from 17 to 13.4, with an increase in CTR to 1.7%. Impressions rose to 1.44 million, and organic clicks increased from 16.8K to 25K. 

These results demonstrate the effectiveness of our targeted optimizations and data-driven strategies in boosting Big Truck Hoods’ online performance.Jus

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