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How To Set Up Your Facebook Channel On Shopify

Welcome to this quick tutorial on how to set up your Facebook channel on Shopify. To do this set up you will need to have your Facebook Ad account already set up before you can start selling from your Shopify store on Facebook, you need to set up Shopify’s Facebook channel.

The Facebook channel app is the official Shopify app which automatically adds the Facebook pixel to your site, syncs your product catalog, records traffic, and conversions. The app creates one product catalog for Facebook Marketing, Instagram Shopping, and Facebook Shops. 

The Facebook app automatically syncs traffic data, product information and ensures that all products in your catalog are available for all three features. If you make a product unavailable or out of stock, then the product is removed from all three components.

When you set up Shopify’s Facebook channel, you are authorizing the app to access your business’s Facebook Page as well as your ad account and Facebook Business Manager. Shopify will use your personal Facebook account information to access the business assets (Facebook Page, Ads Manager account, and Facebook Business Manager) that it needs to complete the Facebook channel app. 

Pro Tip: Only the owner of the Facebook account will be able to access the marketing features on Shopify, so make sure that the business owner completes the setup.

What can you use the Facebook channel app for?

Previously, to track user behavior, events, gather remarketing audiences and run shopping ads on Facebook, we needed to add a piece of code to each website page manually – into the Shopify store separately. The introduction of the Facebook Shopping App means that the pixel is automatically connected to the Shopify store. So we get to use all the great benefits of the Facebook pixel without touching the code itself!

What is the Facebook Pixel?

A Facebook pixel is a piece of code placed on your website to report conversions, build audiences, and get insights into how people are using your website. It also helps feed useful reports to find complex data like revenue, ROI (Return of Investment), and ROAS (Return On Ad Spend).

A Facebook Pixel can help you track all the people that visit your website to create audiences to retarget and explore. What’s more, it can help you keep track of all sorts of conversions. Here is a list of the standard events a Facebook.

Pixel can help you track:

  • Purchase: a purchase is completed on your website.
  • Add To Cart: a product is added to a cart on your website.
  • Lead: a person signs up, leaves information, or otherwise identifies themselves as a lead on your website.
  • Add Payment Info: during the purchase process, someone enters their payment information on your website.
  • Add To Wishlist: 
  • View Content: a specific page on your website is visited.
  • Contact: a person contacts your business.
  • Search: a search is conducted on your website.
  • Schedule: an appointment is booked on your website.
  • Subscribe: someone subscribes to your product or service. 

How to set up the Facebook Shopify Channel

1. Set up your Facebook channel 

The first step is to log in to your Shopify account, go to preferences and go to the Facebook Pixel section. Next, click Set up Facebook.

2. Connect Facebook and Shopify account

Go ahead and connect your Facebook profile and business page.

3. Connect your catalog

Next, go to the Facebook section on Shopify and click Start Setup.

You’ll then go to the following page, where you can create a new Commerce account on Facebook. A Commerce account is where you can create a Facebook and Instagram shop.

After clicking ‘Create New’ and accepting the terms and conditions.

You should now see the box below when you go to the Facebook section on Shopify.

4. Check that your Facebook pixel has been correctly installed

Go to the Facebook Pixel Helper and install the extension onto your chrome.

The pixel extension should look like this on your browser.

If you go to the homepage of your Shopify store, refresh the page, click on the pixel extension and you should see a dialog box containing your Facebook pixel. See the example below.

After successfully setting up your Facebook channel app on Shopify, you can start running Facebook ads. The next stage is learning how to set up Facebook Dynamic Display and Facebook Shopping Campaigns


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