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After 1,000 Reviews, Here’s How to Succeed on Fiverr

Update: December 2019

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How to Get Orders on Fiverr Like a PRO Seller

It all started on October 3rd, 2014 when I signed up on Fiverr. In many ways, it was one of the best decisions I made for my career. Looking back, Fiverr has enabled me to build relationships with clients from all over the world, expand my business into different countries, and travel the world with my wife. After 1,679 days of being on Fiverr, here are six of the most valuable tips I learned, helping me become a Fiverr Pro, Top Rated Seller, have the most popular gig in SEO, and get my Fiverr business featured on the Fiverr blog:

Tip #1: Starting on Fiverr with an ‘Anchor’ Gig

For Fiverr success, start off with a high-quality gig that I call “the anchor gig.” For example, one of the first deals I offered was an HTML5 landing page. This gig catapulted my orders, profits, and impressions on Fiverr, and here are a few reasons why:

  1. I first created a gig where I knew there was already a lot of demand (web development) and took a specific angle where there were fewer offers.
  2. Next, I implemented a good-quality image and featured myself on the cover (always do this).
  3. I also used a catchy tagline with power words in the title and descriptions.
  4. I finally offered an unbelievable deal, where clients could get a landing page starting at $5.

Much like Google search, Fiverr uses its own ranking criteria for gigs. By following the criteria listed above, my gig started receiving tens of thousands of impressions a month and hundreds of clicks.

Tip #2: Think of Fiverr as Barter Marketing

Many complain that Fiverr takes too much of a commission (20 percent) from gig sales. However, a lot of people fail to see a pain point almost every small business has: marketing costs. Marketing is still going to cost you something and acquiring new leads can be expensive. In my best months, I had over 100K impressions on just one of my services, with nearly two thousand clicks in a month. Remember that the Fiverr commission rate pays for the marketing and infrastructure of your store — think of it as paying rent. As soon as you begin thinking of your Fiverr store as an asset, the quicker you will grow your business.

Tip #3: Get Organized Ahead of Time

While each Fiverr store offers different services and each will need to use various specific tools to carry out their work, I can recommend helpful ways to keep your business organized in Google Drive:

  • Create a dedicated Fiverr folder.
  • Create sub-folders for each of your Fiverr gigs (sometimes I create multiple sub-folders for my most active gigs)
  • Color folders for quick identification.

One more advanced tip for Google Drive: you can share folders and documents with clients on Fiverr. This can add another level of complication, so it is entirely up to you to judge whether to share or not share documents. Try to create an organizational structure before your first order on Fiverr. You may spend much of your time learning your business, but you will be saved the day you are suddenly slammed with ten orders.

Tip #4: Work up to Rapid-Launch Gigs

Launching gigs is pretty simple after you have done it several times. Here are a few things you can do to perfect your gig recipe:

1. Plan Your Gig:

Start exploring categories that interest you on Fiverr. Choose a category you think will be a fit for your gig and your customers. Determine the specific service you will offer based on competition, quality, and your own interest in it.

2. Launch Your Gig

The simplest way to streamline a gig launch is to do it quickly. Remember the one thing you cannot change later is your Gig URL. Your title can be updated, but the URL is permanent.

  • Make sure your gig title fits in the preview.
  • Research keywords for your gig and include them in the title and description.
  • Start with just a single package and expand your packages later.
  • Write a 150-word description of your services, and what they will do for clients. Be sure to keep it short but sweet.
  • Be sure to launch with information in the FAQs section that you can later expand on.
  • Include the gig requirements. One should be enough to launch.
  • Make a good quality cover image for your service (It is the first thing people see after all).

Once you have a process down for launching gigs, it will be quicker to launch each time, and you can even implement testing to improve your gigs over time.

Tip #5: Avoid Over-Delivery

The most significant mistake people make on Fiverr is over-delivering. Of course, it’s good to go above and beyond, but over-delivering is where you are going to break your back, resent your buyers, and eventually fail or leave Fiverr altogether. Two key things to remember:

  • Be aware one gig is supposed to solve only one thing and do it well.
  • Only over-deliver if it’s something that’s a part of the soul of your gig.

If a customer orders something from you and it’s not what they expect, you will need a new package or a gig. Also, if you consistently receive messages asking for clarification on your gigs, or if you aren’t getting orders, this could mean your service is too complicated or confusing. Try adding a video to explain it better, update the description, and create PDF describing the deliverable.

Tip #6: Use a Nut & Bolt Fiverr Pricing Strategy

After hundreds of orders on some of my gigs, I know how much everything costs in my business and how much each “bolt” is worth.

The reason why this is important is that once you know how much each of your services costs, they can overlap and then you can create more packages and upsell your services. If you can determine a price for different tasks and you start seeing serious interest in one part of a gig, that should automatically spark an idea for a new gig.

The exercise here is understanding your business and building a path for up-sells. Think of a nut and bolt pricing strategy as a menu: you can quickly put together a lot of nuts and bolts to create multiple packages, seamlessly guiding your clients to more advanced packages. This transparency will help you grow your business a lot. 

Wrapping up

Hopefully, these tips will help you avoid many of the common rookie mistakes with Fiverr, and you can get your business up and running on Fiverr must faster and with fewer hiccups.

Just remember, as your business grows, so should your goals and expectations. My Fiverr freelance business has now become a real company that has a double-digit growth rate.

With my partner Damien Bouvier, we are building a cutting edge and disruptive business delivering high-end services at unbeatable prices. Explore our popular SEO Management, Google Ads Management services for both young and thriving businesses.

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  2. What a great article! Each section is important, but I found Launching Your Gig in section #4 the most instructive. I was also impressed with your recommendation to not over-deliver. With the planning suggestions you’ve offered, it should be fairly simple to follow that suggestion. Thanks for the great roadmap!

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