Google Data Studio’s New Explorer Tool Means it Can Now Compete with Enterprise Tools Like Tableau (and it’s Free!)

If you haven’t heard of Google Data Studio already, it’s Google’s data visualization tool that’s free and easy to use, allowing users to quickly build drag-and-drop visualizations and share them with anyone.

Although Google Data Studio is currently still in beta, hundreds of companies are already taking the tool on board within their organizations. Why? Because if you’re already using Google’s technology stack, it’s easy to quickly and seamlessly create reports and dashboards with Data Studio without the fuss of uploading and downloading datasets and plugging them into complicated reporting tools.

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What Is The Relationship Between SEO And Content Marketing?

If you have an interest in marketing, or you’ve been trying to drive a business forward over the last few years, there’s every chance you’ve come across the terms SEO and content marketing many times. These are two phrases that often appear in the same text and relate to the same subject matter. There’s no doubt that the two are interlinked, but it pays to understand the difference between them to get the best out of your online marketing strategy. If you’re keen to learn more about the relationship between search engine optimization and content marketing, you should find this guide handy.

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What is the best low cost reporting dashboard available for your small online businesses?

Any small online business owner does need to think regarding business intelligence (BI). Business intelligence provides a key way that you can communicate vital pieces of information to customers, shareholders, colleagues and investors. Using the correct visualization tools, you can ensure that data for your company is both easy to understand and hard hitting. There are various BI reporting dashboards available on the market, and as a business owner, it can be difficult to choose the right one. Particularly when each developer makes similar promises about the quality of their products. Obviously, small business owners need to think about costs. That’s why we’re going to compare some of the best low-cost reporting dashboards that are available to you.
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How Exposing Your API Creates Vulnerability Without End-to-End Data Encryption

Article notes: The critical importance of end-to-end data encryption at rest and during transit, and how you can get it: This article should discuss why ANY entity that stores consumer data, patient files, federal or state government information, or any other proprietary data needs data encryption at every level to avoid cloud hacking and stop keystrokers with nefarious intentions from breaching. Anybody can log into and connect their bank account. The receiving party really is getting a lot of trust here. Look at Equifax hack.

Your application program interface (API) is the part of your server that receives requests and sends back responses through browsers like Firefox, Chrome, or Safari. When someone enters “” into Chrome to shop, their request is viewed by Amazon’s API, which responds by displaying Amazon’s homepage content in Chrome. But, for small- to medium-sized businesses that don’t have high-power server security or an army of IT warriors looking out for their APIs 24/7/365, they’re easily exposed by hackers.

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How Does Fiverr Pro Deliver Pro Agency Services at 90% Off?

The search for the perfect agency

Many organisations today have to hire third party agencies to help with the digital side of their business due to time, money, and/or internal constraints. But the problem is it can be time consuming to find the right person or entity that will be a good fit for your business.

So, you dedicate hours of research and end up deciding on a fancy website that on paper seems to fit your business well. But when you want to enquire more, you’re stuck with a pricing page that just says ‘contact us’ with no price listed.

That said, it’s important that there be time taken to discuss your business issues and needs, but with traditional agencies what winds up happening is traditional, you pay thousands of dollars to be locked in a contract with one “partner” for at least six months before knowing if their services are a good fit for your business.

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