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Mike Zima - Zima Media

Michael Zima is an entrepreneurial and results-driven Freelance Data Solutions Architect with extensive experience loading datasets in the 100's of millions of rows, connecting through a custom fabricated "data-pipes," and transforming data sets across, eCommerce and affiliate platforms. Proven track record of successfully shaping and launching innovative data solutions that quickly answer business questions and promote ultra-competitive business intelligence in fast moving verticals.

Pioneer of creative data solutions and analytics consulting that garner instant answers—merging legacy systems, creating new data solutions, and visualizing business initiatives to make informed decisions. Leverages strong analytical, collaborative, and decisive leadership to capitalize on each data opportunities. History of launching multiple data strategies that generated substantial insights and increased internal stakeholder engagement across internal, external, and international markets

Work with a seasoned professional that has serviced over 1,000 business owners over the course of 3 years. My experience stretches back 15 years as an entrepreneur.

Yes, I run my business on fiverr, and yes, I have satisfied customers from all over the world. I was promoted to Top Rated Seller on fiverr, which is hand selected.

Here's a map of all the countries my clients are currently in the world. By my estimates, my work has empowered decision making for customers in at least 50 countries worldwide.

Zima Media Customer Map 2017

I value the clients I work with and have a unique opportunity not only to live internationally, but have also work with an international team of experts, and I service business owners in over 30+ industries and counting. The companies range from zero visitors a month to hundreds of millions of dollars a year. What the current bridge between all my clients have is Google Analytics and require help to implement it correctly. My work is praised for solving critical measurement challenges and designing sustainable strategies for measuring growth.

Michael Zima, Zima Media, Fiverr Success Story


“Michael, Zimamedia, on Fiverr, is an expert at analyzing, reporting, and building narratives around data to help people unlock insights from the information they collect.”

I was honored to be praised by fiverr for my commitment to excellence to my customers. The entire experience has been revelational, and it changed our lives. Google Analytics has been my core service, and it was FEATURED by fiverr as the best Google Analytics service to-date.