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Zima Media Intro

We are on a mission to make online SEO, advertising, and analytics accessible to every single business.

The problem

With over 1 billion websites out there, it’s safe to say that competition in the online space is fierce. What’s more, big brands are taking the lion share of online real estate, while smaller businesses are left wondering if they can even make it to page 1 on Google search.

Search algorithms change in the blink of an eye and users switch to new devices and channels so often that it’s hard for brands to keep up.

Digital marketing takes up a lot of time, resources, and money, and we understand that companies don’t always have the proper resources and expertise to invest in digital marketing initiatives.

Maintaining website SEO friendly configuration, monitoring competitor keywords, gathering and assessing insights from analytics, optimizing on-site content, building successful online ads that convert, and rethinking the customer journey to improve sales are all vitally important to unlocking your potential as a business. This is where we come in.

Your one-stop solution

At Zima Media, we take care of all of your online SEO, advertising, and analytics needs. From optimizing on-site content to improving online sales, at Zima Media we do it all, and at a fraction of the cost of traditional agencies. Why? Because we are a 100 percent decentralized digital marketing agency operating remotely. We draw from talent around the world which means our clients don’t pay the typical costs that come with an old-school agency (such as office bills). This means you get high-end services at unbeatable prices (see our offer).

You can find all of our services on the freelance platform Fiverr, where you can see our prices and deliverables for each service listed right away. As a bonus, you’ll have access to the hundreds of reviews we have generated from over 1,300 orders covering 30 industries in 80 countries.

Zima Media has been featured on Fiverr blog, CNBC, and Business Insider as a cutting edge and disruptive solution to modern day business needs.

Our Team

Mike Zima

Mike Zima

Mike is the co-founder of Zima Media and an industry SEO and advertising expert. He previously worked for the largest SEO agency in North America and has over 10 years of professional SEO experience working with major brands. Originally a Chicagoan, Mike moved to Spain 3 years ago. When he’s not working on client projects, Mike loves to stroll the beaches of Mallorca with his wife, occasionally fantasizing about deep dish pizza, and has two adopted cats.

Damien Bouvier

Damien Bouvier

Damien is the co-founder of Zima Media and is a Google and data-certified professional with an MBA in information technology. For several years Damien has conducted technology audits, provided consulting services, and implemented data projects for businesses across varying industries. A French native, Damien enjoys traveling the world as a digital nomad and indulging in Belgian comics.