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We Provide Modern Business Marketing Solutions by Leveraging Data and Creativity

Do you want to see all the prices upfront before you opt-in for any service? 

Do you want to quickly scale your ecommerce business?

Are you tired of big brands taking the lion share of online real estate?

Here’s where we come in. Zima Media is a modern ecommerce marketing agency founded in 2017. We are a fully remote company with talented and dedicated team members from all over the world. Our mission is to make smart marketing accessible to every single business.


Fiverr Pro seller with 1000+ positive reviews

Featured on Fiverr, CNBC, and Business Insider

Over 2,000 orders covering 30 industries in 80 countries

Official Google Partner


Every company has a story, and we believe ours is too exciting not to share it with you.

Everything started with one of our co-founders, Mike Zima. He has always had an entrepreneurial spirit. The payout finally came when he hit 27, right around the time he quit his job in Chicago and went after his passion for digital marketing. Mike’s side hustle relocated him to Barcelona in 2016 when he went fully remote.

Mike has co-founded the company with his partner, Damien Bouvier, whom he has known for four years. What’s funny, they have never met in person and almost avoid meeting out of the irony of the way they do business. In the past three years, Mike has been remote in Mallorca, Spain, and Damien has been moving from one country to another. They combined their knowledge and expertise to turn a hobby business into a thriving company.


Our remote and decentralized digital marketing agency was founded on Fiverr in 2017 and turned into subscription-based digital marketing services at the end of 2018. Five years since Mike first joined Fiverr, we grew into Fiverr Pro, expanded off of Fiverr, and grew to a team of multiple employees from all around the world. 

Our team is remote, and we have fully adopted and embraced the benefits of its culture. We are all avid fans of the future of work. We have served 2K+ clients in 80 countries, and we have over 1K reviews. In the end, taking risks and overcoming many failures lead us to where we’re now. 


Forget about the old school in-house marketing. At Zima Media, we are praising the new way of doing business. Our team is always ready to offer disruptive online marketing solutions for modern-day business needs. Being a Fiverr Pro seller with 1000+ positive reviews, we know how vital it is to provide outstanding services to our clients. 

90% Cheaper Than Your Typical Agency

Zima Media is a fully decentralized company operating remotely from all over the world. Why do we offer better deals? Because we don’t have to cover traditional agency expenses. That is why you get the same high-end services at unbeatable prices.

Certified Professionals Who Fight for Perfection 

While operating from various parts of the world and having Google AdWords, Google Analytics and SEMrush certifications, our team members never stop learning. We are also proud to mention that Zima Media has recently become an official Google Partner. It’s our job to stay on top of all trends to ensure you have a frictionless experience working with us. 

Ready to cut your business costs and finally make the transition to a decentralized workflow?

If you are building a business or know someone who is, we are here to answer any questions you have. Reach out to us, or, you can go ahead and buy one of our packages right now.



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