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Zima Media is a digital micro agency operating remotely. We ensure the right audience discovers your brand and buys your products.

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We are data people. Every decision we make for your company is informed and backed up by insightful information. When it comes to your money, we don’t guess, we know. Our services will provide you with meaningful business solutions.

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We use talent from around the world, not just local assets. When you work with Zima Media you get the best of the best. We enjoy working from anywhere, and because we don’t pay traditional office bills, you get high-end services at unbeatable prices.

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We are Top Rated Fiverr Pro Sellers, exclusively selected for our quality services and frictionless customer experience. We have been featured on the Fiverr blog and CNBC because we are continually reinventing the way business is done.


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Start with SEO, PPC, or analytics to find out who is coming to your site, track customers better, and increase conversions.

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