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    Zima Media Will Prevent Lost Sleep Over Broken Tracking

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  • Track Visitors With Clarity

    Collect Meaningful Results Through Advanced Tracking

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  • Finally Integrate Analytics Into Your Business

    Start Visualizing Conversions In Spectacular Dashboards

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Mike Zima

Track & Visualize Your Business in 3 Rewarding Steps


Install Tracking, Audit Current Results & Extinguish Every Measurement Blockage


Setup Advanced Tracking & Focus On The Numbers That Drive Your Business Decision Making


Ignore All The Noise. Review Visually Stunning Dashboards With The Numbers That Count


Measuring your online business is hard. If you're like us, a small efficient team of experts, you find yourself learning a new aspect of your business every day.

The biggest lie about Google Analytics is it tracks everything out of the box that relates to your online business. This maybe true, but if you're measuring success based off something Google Analytics doesn't track — then what?

That's where we come in! We review your installation, optimize it and prepare to setup advanced tracking that relates to your website and to your bottomline.


Since you're not using the full potential of Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and Google Search Console... You're driving through a snowstorm with no visibility.

The solution is to make sure everything is setup to the minimum best practices and the MAXIMUM that relates to the numbers that count in your tracking solution.

We can reveal everything in your data with these free Google tools. Just like every overwhelmed business owner, we only care about the numbers that you care about. We're here to dig them up and empower decision making.


It's time to celebrate. We're tracking your online business. If it's 1 number or if it's 100's — we can visualize it. No more MANUAL reporting, lost hours and corrupted spreadsheets (seriously Google Sheets, we need to talk).

We visualize, measure and track your business in Google Data Studio so you don't have to click around searching for the answer. Sleep comfortably at night knowing you're tracking the most important numbers of your online business.

Celebrate, impress your marketing team, start a visual conversation with your numbers and spend more time working on your business. Stop seeking the answers; let us show you how to run a data-driven business.


  • Zima has given me insight that Google themselves couldn't give me. Fantastic work, looking forward to continuing to work with him

    tribe101.com | Stephen Treacy
  • Michael went above and beyond for me. This is my start at taking analytics seriously for my clients and I couldn't have jump started it without Michael.

    Bloomcu.com | Ryan Harmon
  • Thank you, again, for your great work. You're my go-to guy for analytics!

    marketingmocktail.com | Teresa Acosta
  • Ahead of time, on budget, with an abundance of information. I can't wait to implement the suggested strategies and look forward to future collaborations. I Trust Zima Media!

    HarborTouch | Jim Tate

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